Lusting After: Dolf Dietrich

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some of the biggest, hottest, most talented performers we’ve seen here at TopRatedGayPorn.

It’s a hard life, right? lol

I think it’s about time we started really featuring some of our top guys.

Our new series “Lusting After” will take a look at the best performers, giving you as much info as we can.

If you have any ideas for performers you’d like to see featured drop a comment below!

We’re kicking off this series with Dolf Dietrich, undeniably one of the horniest hunks in the world of daddy/dom/muscle porn.

Dolf Dietrich

As you can see from his photo, Dolf Dietrich is one of the most masculine, handsome, hunky men in hardcore gay porn.

It’s really no wonder he’s gained such an impressive following since he arrived in the business back in 2014.

Not only is he awesome to watch he’s the kind of man I need as a gym buddy.

He’s the kind of stud who could keep me motivated, in all kinds of ways! lol

Dolf Dietrich is the epitome of masculine power, at least in appearance. That might explain why he’s most often the top when he’s on-screen.

Sure, he will bottom now and then, especially when the setting and theme are kinky enough to demand it. However, I think we all know why he’s most often the one delivering a good pounding.

After watching him in action so many times I can confidently say that Dolf Dietrich is the kind of man who’ll leave you thoroughly satisfied by the end of your encounter.

Dolf Dietrich started out in an area he’s familiar with – real hard action.

Kicking off his career in porn he was totally into bareback, fisting, creampie, and all manner of dirty, aggressive, dominating action.

He suits that theme well. You just need to look at him to know that a good time with him would always be intense, rough and sweaty.

His work has continued with that theme ever since and he shows little sign of slowing down.

Over the years he’s appeared for numerous studios. From the biggest in the business to smaller brands with more niche interests suited to his themes.

He’s appeared in a lot of awesome action over the years and it’s hard to suggest just one scene to watch.

I could recommend plenty for you to check out, but if I need to offer just one it would be his recent orgy in Fun-Size Boys: Mark: Chapters 1-5.

Be ready, it’s hot!

This pandemic themed scene puts an interesting twist on the last 2 years.

Twinky boys are being subjected to tests that tend to involve a whole lot of cock and plenty of cum.

Dolf Dietrich and Legrand Wolf team up in the final chapter of this hour and forty three minute movie, ready to use three subjects for their own Carnal Network pleasures.

Three adorable twink boys are being subjected to an insane barrage of tests involving their hard penises and tight holes.

Dominant Dolf and Legrand thoroughly taking advantage of their positions while they suck and wank, fuck wet mouths and finally plunge their rampant rods into their sweet subjects.

It inevitably ends with masses of hot splooge, as you’d expect. 🙂

The entire movie is hot, but Dolf Dietrich’s power and dominance is both subtle and totally horny.

Click here to stream the scene right now and be ready for a great ride!

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