Milking a straight boy: Istvan Rat gets his cum rubbed out!

MY RATING: 10/10

I can’t believe I almost missed out on sharing this video! Milking a straight boy of his cum load is always fun. With this in mind, the William Higgins site makes it even more interesting with their trademark massage videos. You know this boy is gonna be back after this incredible edging session.

Istvan Rat William Higgins milking a straight boy massage

21-year-old Istvan Rat is adorable. He’s been in a couple of solo videos already where we got to find out a little more about him. Moreover, this is the first time he’s made contact with anyone on camera and, it’s the first time he’s done anything with another guy.

I predicted he would be back for a massage when we saw him jerking off in a previous video. However, I didn’t think it would be this immediately horny!

Here’s a little tip from someone who’s had plenty of fun with numerous ‘straight’ or curious guys over the years. Start with some friendly wanking first. Once you get that out of the way and show them how awesome it is to let an experienced guy milk their cock for them they’ll be back for more. That is if you do it right! 🙂

The anonymous jock massaging and toying with Istvan in this video knows what he’s doing. In no time at all the boy is slippery and horny. His uncut cock drooling with delight while his virgin hole gets some fingering.

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I wouldn’t suggest trying that with a dude who isn’t used to it, but this boy is being paid to explore so he knows what he’s getting into. It definitely does the trick. A few fingers in his super-tight hole and that slippery dripping cock is on the edge of blasting out a hot milky mess of straight boy cum.

It doesn’t matter that this is a completely new experience for the sporty straight boy. By the time this milking hand job is over, we can already tell Istvan’s gonna want to have more fun with other guys. I really can’t wait to see him back to suck some dick and try fucking another boy in the butt. You know when that happens he’s gonna be hooked! 🙂

Enjoy some of William Higgins latest milking a straight boy pics, but click here to check out the video. Istvan Rat’s gonna be one to follow while he explores new things.

If you still don’t know why you should be a member there check out my William Higgins review for all the details. There’s a reason it’s one of the best European gay porn sites.

straight 'boy Istvan Rat milking massage
milking straight boy massage
Istvan Rat milking a straight boy
milking a straight boy
Milking a straight boy William Higgins massage

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