Nathan Sardou Has Lovely Jock Balls!

His sexy jock balls aren’t the only thing we love about him, but they sure are suckable nuts we’d all love to play with.

Nathan Sardou has a moviestar face, right?

I mean, just look a those dreamy eyes, kissable lips and that chin dimple. You can imagine him being the face of a superhero movie.

If that first pic were in black and white you could imagine him playing a Cary Grant role.

Of course, we prefer him getting naked and horny for BelAmi 🙂

This is debut show off session and you can probably tell already the fans want him back for more.

We get to enjoy him all to ourselves for this solo display, but I get the feeling the next time we see him he’s going to be having a wild time with one of their other hotties.

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How Thick Is That Big Uncut Twink Cock?

We don’t get a whole lot of information about him in this solo, but we do discover he loves sex.

Well, what other young and hot jock boy like him doesn’t?

He likes to have sex three times a day. I’m betting most of you would love to try to keep up with that kind of schedule lol

Check out some pics with this handsome young man playing with his long uncut cock and those sexy jock balls.

You’re gonna love the ass shots we get from him, too.

This is the kind of handsome young man we’re used to seeing from this studio and I know if he sticks around he’s going to be a fan fave. Click here and start watching, and don’t forget to drop a comment on his video to let them know we need more!

You’re still here? Click to see this handsome young man and his big jock balls!

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