Niko Vangelis Pumps A Muscle Cum Load For The Boys

This was great timing! I went to the gym this morning and almost hooked up with a real stud. Then came home to find Niko Vangelis delivering a muscle cum load for the fans at BelAmi!

Niko Vangelis

Yes, I went to the gym today. You may celebrate me at your leisure.

I don’t attend as often as I should. In fact, it would probably be more affordable to cancel my membership and just buy weights and a treadmill.

But if I did that, I wouldn’t have the chance to hook up with some seriously hot hunks. It doesn’t happen often, but now and then, I get results.

I nearly got some good dick fun with a new dude I saw this morning. You know how it is: curious glances in the locker room, peeking at boners in the showers, a friendly rub from a new pal…

We were interrupted, so it didn’t get anywhere.

It was enough to prime me for when I got home and saw this muscle cum load being pumped by Niko Vangelis, though!

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We’ve seen this powerful hunk a few times here on the blog.

Niko Vangelis is one of the most muscled men at BelAmi and one of the fan faves.

I don’t think I need to explain why, but maybe you must check out all the scenes he’s been in.

There’s a lot to watch. He’s been sharing his long uncut, muscle cock and big beefy ass with other guys there since 2018.

He’s been in 25 hardcore BelAmi gay movies and a bunch of extra credits from behind the scenes on their trips and productions.

Every moment of it is worth seeing.

You can watch him top, bottom, and flip fuck with other twinks and hunks.

For this solo, it’s all about him.

He’s playing with his gorgeous dick, posing for some very hot pics, and rubbing up his meat until his muscle cum load is spurting out all over his awesome abs.

If you love handsome guys with great cocks (don’t we all?) relieving themselves of a big load, you owe it to yourself to click here and hit play.

Niko Vangelis Porn Pics

Oh, you’re still here? Join now to see Niko Vangelis spurting his muscle cum load off!

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