Power Top Shane Cook And Casey Everett Just Wanna Fuck!

If you’re a bottom who loves to get really pounded good and hard by a big dicked power top, you need to hit play on this Next Door Raw video!

Next Door Raw: Wanna Fuck

The last time we saw Casey Everett, he was taking a kinky pounding from gorgeous Devin Franco.

If it wasn’t clear from that session, this lean and fit otter loves to get thoroughly fucked.

I’m guessing a few eager bottoms who feel the same way are out there reading this. 😉

This isn’t our first time seeing Shane Cook, either. We know what kind of fucker he is. With a big cock like that swinging between his legs, there’s no shortage of guys who want to take it!

So, you should expect this new duo video from Next Door Studios to be extremely hot.

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Unlike many of their videos, there’s no theme for this one other than just being a damn horny session.

You don’t always need a plot, right? Sometimes you just Wanna Fuck?

When you have a raw power top and a greedy bottom on the screen, you can enjoy the show and disregard anything too elaborate.

Personally, I love a good theme, but they get away with just delivering the action with these guys.

There’s no holding back with these two. The moment they’re together on the bed, they are making out, sucking on cock and licking hole.

And, of course, Shane can’t wait to fill his pal’s hole with his awesome dong.

I don’t know how big that jock cock is, but it’s considerable! I think it has to be at least 8 inches, right?

Casey takes it like a champ. The hammering fuck he gets is amazing to watch, and you’ll definitely be splashing that splooge with them by the end. 😉

Click here to see that big power top cock pounding Casey. Let me know in the comments whether you would prefer to be the top or bottom in this scenario.

Honestly, I can’t pick! lol

Power Top Shane Cook Fucks Casey Everett

Are you still here? Join them now and see that big dick destroying Casey’s hole!

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