The Pretty Boy

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The Pretty Boy was home from college. He was twenty-one and was planning on heading to graduate school. It was summer. Jeff lived in the suburbs of DC. By day he studied and swam in his pool after he kept his parent’s yard. By night he haunted the nightlife in DC. He wasn’t much of a drinker. Conversely, he enjoyed the company of the intellectuals and the handsome, open-minded, like minded-men that he met there. Lately, he was spending his nights with Chris, a rising attorney in one of the top legal firms. If Jeff could, he would marry Chris. In fact, he was crushing on him badly.

Pretty Boy First Time

Pretty Boy Dante Colle and Michael DelRay

Chris was more than fine, statuesque body and features. In other words, he was the quintessential alpha male. He and Jeff hit the gym and challenged each other to lift more and more. Consequently, Jeff’s biceps exploded with all the hard work he put in. The reason why Jeff liked Chris so much was he popped his cherry. All through high school in the small southern town, Jeff was the all-American jock who went with the best-looking girls in school. He never fucked a one.

He was so glad. Meeting Chris was so sexual, so hot. Jeff loved the beginning of their story. He was sitting at the Jefferson one night, a hetero scene, and Chris spotted him. He wasn’t sure what about him sent up a signal, but he was so happy Chris found him. Their eyes met, and Jeff’s cock throbbed. Seeing that, he longed to feel Chris’s lips around his dick and vice versa.

Chris honed in on him. Jeff almost came in his pants as Chris, so beautiful, moved towards him.

“Hi,” he said smoothly. “Does your mommy know you’re here?”

Jeff chuckled. He sipped his club soda.

“Mommy?” asked Jeff.

Moreover, Chris’s hand moved to Jeff’s thigh boldly.

“Daddy?” Chris corrected.

First Time Oral Sex

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All of a sudden, Jeff trembled. He never wanted anything so badly in all his life. He never had so much as a blow job and for a guy who was raging testosterone, it was about time.

“What are you here for, pretty boy?” whispered Chris.

Jeff looked at him with smoky eyes.

“I have a place around the corner if you wanna talk outside the bar scene,” said Chris.

They walked to his place. Jeff trembled. Chris turned on his heel.

“Hey,” he said. “This is fast. If you’re not up to it – “

For this reason, pretty boy Jeff grabbed Chris and kissed him in the falling shadows of the night.

“Is this your first-time gay sex experience?” asked Chris.

“Yes,” said Jeff.

“Come on,” he said.

First Time Gay Blowjob

Michael DelRay rimming Dante Colle

They went to his apartment which was luxuriously decorated. As soon as they entered through the door, they were all over each other.

“Easy,” smiled Chris. “Let’s take those pants off.”

Jeff nearly came when his trousers dropped to the floor. He was so blessed with a long thick rod. When he swam at home, his best friend growing up called his dick the monster.

“Oh my,” smiled Chris. “Aren’t you delicious?”

Chris sat Jeff down on his sofa. He grabbed a pillow and placed it beneath his knees as he knelt before him. He went down on Jeff who clutched the back of the couch.

“I am going to cum,” he cried out.

Chris laughed softly on his cock. That in itself was erotic.

“Go ahead beautiful,” he said. “It will be the first of many tonight.”

Chris tightened his hot, wet mouth around Jeff’s virgin shaft. It was pure sweetness. There was no way Jeff was going to last. He beat off daily and yet this did not compare. Certainly, he thought about this moment, but nothing prepared him for the heavenly feeling of a man’s breath on his cock.

The smell of Chris – his faint cologne, his toiletries, the scent of his shampoo – so masculine, so wondrous as he masterfully gave Jeff his first blowjob, was now permanently etched in Jeff’s mind. It was a tender memory.

“Cum for me,” urged Chris.

Furthermore, pretty boy Jeff was nervous. That was the only thing that kept him from shooting off all over the place. He lifted his hips and pumped into Chris’s hot tight mouth. But he forgot for a second to be self-conscious and shot off.

Chris sucked and swallowed his cum-draining load. It seemed like he came forever. Then he was spent. He relaxed against the couch.

Anal Virgin No More

Michael DelRay Fucks Dante Colle Doggystyle Gay Porn

Chris dropped his trousers.

“Next,” he said.

Jeff had no idea suddenly what to do with a man’s cock. Given that, Chris gently guided him and closed Jeff’s hand around his shaft. He lowered his mouth to the head of his dick. All things considered, he was a natural. Watching those gay porn movies on adult Roku was about to pay off!

“Mmm,” he said. “Someone has a sweet mouth.”

Jeff slowly lowered his mouth to encase Chris’s entire shaft. Then, his fingers searched and found his massive balls. He touched them ever so lightly, making Chris shiver. Now it was Chris, thought Jeff, at risk of cumming quick. Jeff felt empowered.

“Relax,” he teased Chris.

Confidence overtook Jeff, and it was as if he had a map of what to do. With this in mind, he manipulated the head of Chris’s shaft to strike the wall of his cheek as he gripped him. He dragged his tongue down his length and then over his nut sack.

“Delicious,” he purred.

Chris firmly urged Jeff over on his stomach. His own hard rod, throbbing and need for someplace to be. Chris parted Jeff’s beautiful ass. Prior to penetration, he slipped a condom on his pulsing dick. The condom was ribbed and lubed. At the same time, he spits on Jeff’s asshole and slid his dick inside.

Jeff pressed his eyes tight. It was pure bliss. At the same time, his dick was hard again. He relaxed as Chris penetrated him. This was going to be fast. Accordingly, his rod rubbed the fabric of the sofa as Chris rocked him. Under those circumstances, they were both spewing in seconds.

It was the most intense orgasm that Jeff ever experienced, to cum with an ass full of cock.

Pretty Boy Climax

Michael DelRay slams pretty boy Dante Colle's ass

The spasm of his orgasm took on a new power of sensitivity and it was an unbelievable pleasure. As a result, Jeff moaned with ecstasy. Chris and Jeff freshened up afterward. Subsequently, Chris lent Jeff a robe. They sipped sparkling cider as it turned out that like Jeff, Chris was not much of a drinker. Jeff would not have had anything to dull his senses when it came to this treasure trove of rapture.

Chris had strawberries dipped in chocolate.

“Just happen to have these handy?” he asked.

“I do,” he said. “I am a die-hard romantic.”

Jeff took a strawberry from Chris’s fingers and devoured it like he was going down on a cock.

“Such skill,” said Chris. “Someone is already an expert.”

Chris laid back and offered his cock to Jeff. Without delay, Jeff blew him like a pro. Chris wasn’t the least bit nervous or unsure. In time, Jeff licked Chris’s shaft like it was a popsicle – a hot, delicious “mansicle.” He got creative of course, bobbing his head with inventive rhythm.

Chris pumped semen deep into his mouth. Afterward, Jeff glimpsed up and saw the look of complete erotic drunkenness. He was gone – on a sweet sexual ride. All in all, pretty boy Jeff was very pleased with himself. For a newbie, he was already super-skilled for example. Likewise, it was a satisfying evening all the way around.

After Chris came, they washed up and dressed. Chris walked Jeff back to the bar and to Jeff’s car in the parking garage. He kissed Jeff sensually.

“Call me,” he whispered. “I really like you.”

In conclusion, he slipped Jeff his card. And that was the beginning of their beautiful, pretty boy story.

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