Real Men Fuck Raw In Men’s Urges From Kristen Bjorn

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Real Men Fuck

Cast list: Aiden Tyler, Blue Eyes, Gianni Maggio, Jason Rock, Justin Jett, Lionel Lilac, Lucio Saints, Max Hilton, Oskar Ivan, Scott Carter

Studio: Kristen Bjorn Video

With a title like that, you kind of know what to expect from this awesome two-hour-long collection of scenes.

Then again, you should know what to expect from the name Kristen Bjorn!

If you know anything about Kristen Bjorn, you probably know what kind of guys you’re going to see.

They’re definitely not twinks.

I remember when I first watched a movie from this studio. It was a long time ago. I think that might be where my appreciation for real masculine men in porn came from.

And, of course, the scenes from directors like Ray Dragon.

You probably know I love all kinds of guys in porn. You can tell from this blog my tastes are diverse. Having said that, seeing these real men fuck in hot masculine sessions is one of my fave things.

It’s a sweaty, real horny, and a natural feeling.

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We get six awesome scenes in this movie.

There’s a whole lot of greedy cock slurping, loads of jacking off, plenty of ass rimming, and all the bareback anal pounding you could hope for.

These guys are muscled, hairy, hung and horny.

The action is desperate, hungry, and incredibly hot to watch.

I can’t pick a scene out of these that I could consider my fave. I will admit that the overdose of the bareback fourgy in the last scene is enough to have my dick gushing. 😉

One of the things I love about this movie is that the guys aren’t stereotypes.

There’s a lot of real bodies. They’re not all smooth and gym buff. That makes watching these guys going at it extra hot for me.

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Men’s Urges = Real Men Fuck

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