Prepare To Lust After Ripped Cam Boy Peet Basso

It’s not an Americanism I use very often, but I think we all have to agree he’s a ripped cam boy deserving of that term.

One of my friends sent me an email this morning asking if I’ve checked out Peet Basso.

You see, my friends know I love to check out hotties on cam. They know I like to write about them and share them here with you guys, too.

Whenever a buddy sends me someone to check out I know they’re going to be worth my time.

I can say without a moment of hesitation that this gorgeous young man is worth everyone’s time.

If you’re into muscle (and I know most of you are) you’re gonna want to see him in action. If you’re into gorgeous young men (again, I know you are) you’re definitely going to want to click here and visit his profile.

He’s ridiculously gorgeous, and he has an incredible physique.

And because of that, I’m willing to use a word I don’t use and say he’s a ripped cam boy.

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As you might expect, when I first checked him out he reminded me of someone I knew a few years back.

That happens to me a lot. I’ve met a lot of dudes (that makes me sound far sluttier than I am) and probably once a week I’m suddenly reminded of one.

In this instance Peet Basso reminds me of a friend from my college days. While I was a bit of a nerd my friend was one of those boys into every sport imaginable.

He looked the part, too. He had a body exactly like this young man!

Yes, we hooked up once or twice 🙂

So what can I tell you about this ripped cam boy? Not a lot, at the moment. He seems to be pretty new to being on cam.

He’s listed his age as 91 lol

His location is Narnia.

I can tell you he has a 6 inch cock, and he loves to flex his hot muscles for his fans. You know you want to check that out!

Enjoy some pics and click here for more of him. I think we’re probably gonna be seeing him again on the blog, maybe once he’s filled out his bio a little more.

You’re still here? Click to see this ripped cam boy showing off his physique, and more!

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