Self Sucking Jock Ty Roderick Gets What He Needs From Doctor Dean Flynn!

Apparently, I must have missed the first 2 episodes in this series “back in the day.” Nevertheless, this self sucking jock session had to be shared with you guys on the blog!

Malpractice Scene 3, HotHouse Gay Porn Video

Imagine if you worked with big and buff Dean Flynn and you knew a secret that could get him into a whole lot of trouble. Would you consider using that knowledge to your own advantage?

If so, take some notes from self sucking jock Ty Roderick in this Hot House re-release video entitled Malpractice, Scene 3 now available from our friends at Raging Stallion!

I like to think I’m a very moral person, but just look at this guy. How could you resist an opportunity to suck on that dick and maybe blackmail him into a good fuck? lol

To be honest, I don’t think it would take a whole lot of convincing. It certainly doesn’t take Ty much to get that big juicy boner in his mouth.

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And you’ll notice I keep referring to him as a self sucking jock.

It turns out sexy Ty can reach his own dick tip when he’s doubled over with a cock in his ass!

After the two have spent a good long while slurping on those delicious dongs Ty is ready to get a good ramming. Doctor Dean is soon impressed with the young man’s flexibility.

Sure, he can’t suck on his whole dick, but he can work that helmet. It leads to a good splashing of jock juice all over his own face.

Cum fans will already be on the cusp of spurting off at that point. However, stick around to see Ty Roderick making Doc Dean Flynn spooge into a sample cup.

That’s a nice kinky way to finish this seriously HotHouse fuck scene.

Take a look at some of the pics from Scene 3 of Malpractice. Then click here to see them in action. You’re gonna want to see this self sucking jock slurping his own load out!


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