Sexy Otter Tommy Raine is a Cam Guy to Watch!

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Cam guy Tommy Raine poses for an Easter shoot


Okay, this happens to me a lot. I see a guy in porn, modeling for a professional photographer or showing off on cam and they immediately remind me of someone I know and sometimes they look so alike I start to wonder if the guy I know has a secret double life. I just did that again while checking out cam guy Tommy Raine.

Click for more of cam guy Tommy Raine
Cam guy Tommy Raine poses for an Easter shoot

I’m pretty sure Tommy Raine isn’t actually the hot otter who works as a barista at a place in town. But then again most guys seem to have a private second life online. It wouldn’t actually surprise me if the guy I’ve flirted with a few times actually is showing off on cam.

Even though it’s most definitely not him it’s not going to stop me from imagining that the hot guy I like to check out has the big uncut cock this sexy man has! 🙂

I can tell you a little about Tommy Raine, aside from the fact that he’s a lean and sexy guy with a big uncut dick to stroke the cum out of for his fans.

Tommy’s new to appearing on cam. However, thanks to his winning personality and the fact that he can really shoot off some big splashing cum loads after a good performance he’s been gaining a lot of fans and followers. He’s bi-curious, but I think for a lot of guys that just means he likes dicks. Just not necessarily everything you can do with them. I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I’ve met quite a few bi-curious guys and they all seem to be about wanking and sucking.

I would gladly enjoy plenty of that with this guy. He’s hot, in a real natural way. And from the videos, I’ve watched he’s a great guy to get to know.

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