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I’m always looking for new arrivals I can follow on their adventures when they arrive for their first video. This fit new jock boy is definitely going to be worth watching in the future.

Elon Arnault is a gorgeous new jock boy ready to play on camera

His name is Elon Arnault and he’s an adorable young man who needs to earn some money after finishing college. Having said that, when you see him enjoying himself in this jack off you’ll know this isn’t just about him needing cash.

He’s so handsome, and so incredibly sexy. If you’re not already looking forward to some duo videos there has to be something wrong with you.

If that cute face and sporty body aren’t enough, check out his long and curved cock and that snug hairless ass.

Yeah, he’s got everything going for him and he might know it. I don’t mind a little sexy arrogance when the guy is as awesome as this.

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While he’s in a relationship with a basketball player his other half obviously doesn’t mind sharing. For that we can only thank him.

Maybe he should stop by and get his cock out for some wanking too? It would be great to see the lovers together.

This solo debut is a good one. It’s a photo shoot so we get a whole lot of posing before our new jock boy Elon kicks back and really works that long banana dick.

His efforts pay off. By the time he’s done he’s squirting a hot load of cream up his smooth jock body.

Check out some of the screengrabs from his first time and make sure you click here for the video.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because now and then a dude just does a solo and never comes back, but I get the feeling this boy has everything they like.

I really can’t imagine this is the last time we’re gonna be stroking along to what this hot young man enjoys! 🙂

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