Straight Dude Corey Gunz returns for some Good Head from young Javier Santini!

That straight cock is soon hard and wet


Hands up if you’ve ever had the pleasure of showing a straight guy how good other guys are at sucking dick… I can’t see you, but I know you’re out there. It’s awesome, isn’t it? They always come back for more.

Click to watch Corey Gunz getting sucked by Javier Santini
Corey Gunz is ready for some good head

Corey Gunz is the horny straight dude returning for some good head from another guy after getting his dick pleasured by another dude for the first time a few months ago. It’s taken a while to get him back there for more fun like this but I think that’s only because they didn’t want to overdose us with his cock.

Young Javier Santini is the one getting the chance to suck on that dick and lick the guy’s balls in this oral pleasure session. Javier embraces the opportunity to impress Corey with his command of cock. Corey isn’t the kind of man to shy away from some good sucking, no matter who it is delivering it. I think we’re likely to see him getting a little more curious about things after this. I don’t think it’s gonna be too much of a task to get him to at least give a buddy a helping hand while he gets his dick slurped next time.

I’m willing to bet none of you guys would say no to giving this straight dude some good head either. Would you?

Check out some of the pics, click through to watch the video. If you still somehow don’t know why I think Zack Randall is one of the best sites for hot straight guys exploring new things then you should check out the review we have. Honestly, while there are other sites with fake “straight guys,” you can actually tell their dudes are real and curious.

Lastly, have a good Thursday! See you back here tomorrow! 🙂

Corey ain’t complaining
That straight cock is soon hard and wet
A little ball licking goes a long way
Delivering the straight man goo
He’s a very happy customer

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