Yes! Corey Gunz has just Fucked a Guy for the First Time!

Corey Gunz fucking gay twink
Twink bottom Jordan Beatz gets straight dick from Corey

Okay, guys, I had hopes that my secret source in the gay porn biz wasn’t tugging my wiener when he told me rough straight guy Corey Gunz was coming back to get some hot gay ass for the first time, but would you look at this… he was right! Click here to check out that gossip post.

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Rough str8 guy Corey Gunz gets head from a gay twink

Yes, I am one of those guys who enjoy watching straight dudes getting some ass for the first time. I ain’t ashamed to admit it. Sure, there are a few sites out there where the guys play straight for the fantasy. Nonetheless, I think most of us can tell when a dude is genuinely straight or probably bi or gay and just playing along for the money. Let me know in the comments who you think is the worst offender for fake straights. I’m thinking it might be, or maybe even Sean Cody.

In the case of Corey Gunz, the dude is definitely straight. He’s the kind of guy who would let you suck him if he’s horny enough. So basically he’s the kind of straight guy we wish all our straight friends were like.

He’s getting more than just some good head in this video, though.

New boy Jordan Beatz is making his debut on the site, and he’s being given a pretty good welcome. He’s a bit of a rough-looking lad too, what with all the messy ink, but there’s no denying he loves cock and he’s all about getting it from guys like Corey.

If I’m gonna be critical about any aspect of this video (I have to be a bitch sometimes, it can’t all be unicorn farts and pixie dust) I’m gonna say that it would have been good to see Corey at least stroke that dick for the lad while he was sliding in and out of his hole. A little reach around action wouldn’t hurt the guy. Would it? 😉


I’m guessing we’re gonna be seeing some of that in the future, though. No doubt Corey had a good time getting some twink butt for the first time. I believe we’re gonna be seeing more from him in the future, maybe a little sucking from him?

Check out some of the pics, but click here to check out the video, and let me know in the comments what you think.

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straight guy fucking a gay twink for the first time
Corey slides his dick into his first gay hole
Corey Gunz fucking gay twink
Twink bottom Jordan Beatz gets straight dick from Corey
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Corey Gunz looks pretty pleased with himself

Boo, Don’t do this for Valentine’s Day, I Beg You!

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