Straight Top Barebacks A Hot Hole In The Locker Room – Ivan Kolos Pounds Max Gen!

Want to watch while a handsome and fit straight top barebacks a tight hole in the gym locker room? Of course, you do! 😉


You know enough about me that the main reason I go to the gym is to check out other dudes and maybe hook up.

Don’t lie to me. You probably do the same!

Sure, most of the time at my gym, it’s quick wanks in the showers or fast sucks with a stranger when there aren’t too many other dudes around. However, videos like this go much further with the cruising theme, and I ain’t complaining.

I would love to find a gym where the cruising is this hot.

We’re back with a hot session from the Jawked site, a European studio focusing on sporty themes, muscle boys, and jock dudes.

There’s a natural manly feel to their action. It’s rarely romantic and seldom sweet.

It’s even less romantic and sweet when we get to watch as a straight top barebacks a boy’s hole like this!

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Ivan Kolos is the horny young jock who arrives at the gym to find young Max Gen bulging in his briefs.

He’s soon overcome with the need to get his dick sucked. Would any of you refuse this hot young man from Kazakhstan?

No, of course, you wouldn’t. Moreover, like lucky Max, you’d be on your knees and slurping that pink uncut cock in no time. 😉

I have to admit I have a thing for this top boy. Ivan has been in a few gay porn videos previously and is about taking control and pounding gay boys.

Watching as the straight top barebacks that naked hole had me wanking along, ready for the finish.

He pounds that boy with energy and arrogance, making watching him even more fun. You can tell Max is enjoying being his bottom.

After spurting his load over Max, he walks out and leaves the boy to deal with his own dick, and we watch Max splash a fountain of cum all over the bench! 😉

It’s a hot scene. Click here and see this straight top boy owning that ass and using Max to get off. If you need more persuading to check out the site, click here for my Jawked review.

Lastly, if you don’t mind, I need to go and consider a visit to the gym this evening. Hopefully, I can find some LOCKER BUDDIES as well! lol

Jawked Locker Buddies Max Gen, Ivan Kolos
Max Gen Sucking Ivan Kolos
Max Gen Spread Before Straight Top Barebacks His Hole
Ivan Kolos Straight Top Barebacks Max Gen
Straight Top Barebacks A Hot Hole
Max Gen Cums

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