Drenched Vol. 2 Is Packed With Suited Hunks Needing Release!

I love a horny professional man who knows how to use his cock and ass. These suited hunks need one thing. A colleague to pound out some cum with!

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Cast list: Damon Heart, Dani Robles, Dato Foland, Diego Summers, Enzo Rimenez, Gabriel Phoenix, Hugo Castellano, Isaac Eliad, Jean Franko

Studio: Men At Play

I am yet to work out precisely what it is about wearing a suit that makes the man in it such a cock hound.

I know from experience that a lot of men who wear a suit all day are perpetually hard and ready to shoot a load at any moment.

Maybe it’s a power thing? Maybe men who sit in an office all day making big decisions gravitate to cock?

Whatever it is, we all agree it’s fucking hot to see suited hunks sucking dicks and pounding ass.

We get plenty of that in Drenched Vol. 2.

No one does this kind of porn like the Men At Play studio.

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You might remember we checked out the first release in this series a long time ago. I don’t know why it’s taken me years to get to the second movie!

We join another gang of gorgeous, muscular, hard, and (often) uncut studs as they tear their suits and suck on juicy dicks, eat ass, and pound puckers until masses of cum erupt.

That’s what I think Drenched refers to. While some of the scenes are pool-adjacent, there’s a lot of semen splashing around in the final moments of these chapters.

We get five scenes in this hour and thirty-nine-minute delivery, packed with penis and powerful pumps of cream.

Every scene is worth wanking out a load to, so you’re gonna be kept busy for a while.

And this is only one of the many movies this studio has at TLA Gay Unlimited. If you enjoy watching suited hunks sharing their hard cocks and splashing spooge, then you’ll have plenty to watch. 😉

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Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go and contemplate wearing my own suit for a night out at one of the professional haunts in my city.

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I’m in the mood for some professional dick. lol

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