Troy Catches his Buddy Jizzy McBone Jacking Off, and Joins In!

areMY RATING: 10/10

Yes, I like seeing videos with horny straight guys who just don’t give a fuck, so sue me. I know you’re all the same, though. When you check out this friendly jack off session between buddies at Zack Randall you’re gonna wish you had straight bros like these two.

click to watch two straight guys jacking off at Zack Randall
Troy and his buddy Jizzy ain’t shy about it

Here’s the deal… you guys know I love the videos they make at Zack Randall. It should be no surprise to you that I’ve probably watched almost all of their videos over the years. I remember when straight jock Jizzy McBone was there the first time. He was a wild guy who just didn’t give a fuck. He was in orgies, threesomes, and jack off sessions with other dudes then. However, Jizzy’s been gone for a while so it was really surprising to see him back again.

It seems at the start as though this is gonna be a return jack off. Kind of a way to get reacquainted with the handsome jock, but with his cock out in his fist Troy is soon interrupting. It turns out these two guys know each other, and they know each other very well. It’s a no-brainer that Troy would get his own hard cock out and take his place on the couch to jerk to the porn with his buddy.

I know what you’re thinking… you’d be offering to suck that cock for Jizzy, not just jacking off with him. Remember, Jizzy and Troy are just two chill straight dudes who like to beat their meat. We know Jizzy isn’t scared to suck cock (he has in the past) but he’s just getting back into the swing of things.

The guys have a good time watching porn and stroking those shafts. It’s hot seeing them watch each other splash their cum out over the towel on the floor. I think we’re gonna be seeing these two back for more after this video clip. I hope they might try blowing each other next. That’s what friends are for, right guys? 🙂

Why are you still here? Click through to watch the video, and catch these horny bros in all their fapping glory. Better yet, click here to read our Zack Randall review first, then join them stroke for stroke!

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