TwinkGuy Kanye Sky Fills Angel Santi!

When a twinkguy is caught jerking his dick in the bathroom, he’s soon giving his friend a deep pounding on the couch!

Angel Santi, TwinkGuy Kanye Sky

I absolutely love the start of Caught Kanye Wanking from Jawked!

If you’ve ever caught a horny friend stroking his dick when he thought he was alone, you’ll totally enjoy the way Angel Santi gets the cock he craves.

He interrupts twinkguy Kanye Sky wanking his length in the bathroom and doesn’t waste a second.

Would you?

I’d be on that dick in a flash too!

He’s on his knees and sucking his buddy’s length immediately, and Kanye isn’t complaining!

Now it has to be said that when I saw Kanye’s solo male jerk-off debut, I got the vibe that he was probably straight.

I think I’m pretty good when it comes to my “gaydar,” and he just came across as inexperienced but horny.

This video tells me I’m right.

The way he sucks on Angel’s cock gives me the impression that’s his first time tasting dick.

Maybe I’m wrong, but watch it and see what you think. 😉

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If it is his first time, he takes to it well.

Then again, I’m yet to meet a guy who doesn’t really get into sucking dick once he’s tried it.

That’s not all this big dick twink seems to love.

With a little rimming of Angel’s hole, he’s soon sliding his length in deep. He’s giving his pal a great bareback fucking in no time.

The two boys have a great fuck on the couch, banging in every position until they need to spurt off those loads.

Angel gets his cum fucked out of him, and Kanye doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving his buddy a tasty load to slurp up! 😉

Check out some of the pics and click here to see twinkguy Kayne putting his big dick to good use for his first duo. I think we all know he’s gonna be back for more.

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TwinkGuy Dick Pics

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