Two Hung Boys Enjoying Their Cocks – Bastian Dufy And Jim Durden!

This isn’t the first time these two hung boys have been teamed up, but watching them just enjoying their dicks is a must.

I don’t know how many times Bastian Dufy and Jim Durden have been together on camera. I know they had a great bareback fuck in a recent scene.

You should absolutely check that one out. Probably after you see these two hung boys playing with their big dicks in this new sexy shoot, though.

There’s no theme or story to this one. It’s just a couple of gorgeous young European guys with big and demanding dicks having a lot of fun with each other.

The camera clicks away while their big dicks get rubbed. They stroke each other, compare boners, suck their buddy, and generally have a lovely time.

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When you have so many incredible boys like BelAmi, you have opportunities to make all kinds of videos.

I love all the hardcore, ass-pounding, cum slinging scenes they publish, but there’s something so sweet and sexy about seeing sessions like this.

It reminds me of all the exploring I did with friends when I was their age. lol

It’s simple. These two hung boys enjoy each other’s penises, showing off and appreciating the cameras’ attention.

Aren’t they fucking adorable?

Even though they’ve both been in some intense hardcore orgies and threesomes, videos like this are indeed something special. Not a lot of studios do it, especially this well!

Check out some preview pics from the Jim & Bastian Photosession video, then click here to see these gorgeous lads enjoying their dicks.

Be ready to shoot off some big loads when these two hung boys can’t take any more of that sucking and wanking!

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