Bastian Karim and Mark Troy Enjoy Uncut Jock Dicks In Great Bareback Fuck!

With two stiff uncut jock dicks to slurp it’s not long before one of them is giving up his ass for his friend!

Bastian Karim and Mark Troy Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I guess it probably goes without saying that I haven’t been going to the gym for the last 2 years.

I’m trying to get back into it, but it’s been hard. After so long of sitting on my ass finding the motivation is difficult and I’ll admit it. lol

However, seeing this video with the fit young gym-toned buddies Mark Troy and Bastian Karim enjoying their uncut jock dicks has me inspired.

The theme for this Jawked video is basically narcissism. Mark is checking himself out in the mirror when his buddy arrives to catch him in the act.

You can probably imagine how it goes after that. If it didn’t go the way you imagine then we wouldn’t be enjoying it here on the blog, right?

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Now would be a good time to mention that the gym I was going to is pretty sleazy. It’s not one of the big chains. There’s a lot of cruising going on.

You see plenty of uncut jock dicks swinging around, thickening up, and seeking attention in the locker room and showers.

It’s one of their selling points, without being publicized. lol

I can guarantee you that if I encountered either of these guys at the gym I would be following them to the steam room.

I actually can’t tell you which one of these hotties is hotter.

Watching them sucking those uncut jock dicks is enough to have me wanting to join in with them, but seeing Mark plunging his bare boner into handsome Bastian has me wanting to bottom for him.

And I’m not even much of a bottom!

Every moment of this horny encounter between these fit boys is worth seeing, but cum fans will love the greedy finish.

Bastian really loves that protein!

Enjoy some preview pics from Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Then click here to watch the video while I consider going back to the gym later. I think need to go and check out who might be looking for some action. 😉

Click here for my Jawked review if you don’t know what they’re about. If you love European twinks, jocks, and hunks sharing their dicks it’s the site for you!

Bastian Karim Sucks Mark Troy
Mark Troy Sucking Bastian Karim's Jawked Cock
Uncut Jock Dicks In A Great Bareback Fuck
Bastian Karim and Mark Troy Uncut Jock Dicks Bareback Fuck
Jawked video Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Jawked Uncut Jock Dicks Bastian Karim and Mark Troy Bareback

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