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Full cast list: Ale, Brant Shy, Gary Bond, Goliath, James Jones, Joshua Levy, Milan Sharpe, Nick Vargas, Noah Matous, Rafael Drymeer, Sam Williams

Studio: Young and Restless

Now, there’s a very good chance that you’re gonna recognize a few of the gorgeous European boys getting their uncut cocks out for some great bareback action in this collection of five hardcore scenes. I know of at least three of them who’ve appeared for several twink porn sites in the past and you guys are mostly more slutty than me when it comes to your porn viewing! 🙂

This is one of those compilations that’s really pretty loose on the theme. Basically, it’s just a bunch of gorgeous boys sucking, wanking and fucking each other in great bareback duos. Then again what else do you need?

Delight My Ass is not the kind of DVD that’s gonna be winning any awards for drama or originality. Nevertheless, they could possibly win some just for the hotness of the boys enjoying themselves and the sex they share.

Young and Restless loaded this video with steamy, youthful, wet, and slippery action. Not to mention a lot of cum to finish each scene the best way. Subsequently, it’s raw, deep, greedy and it’ll have you coming back for more. You probably won’t be able to watch all these scenes in one go. That is unless you can cum five times in a row. If you can, please tell me how. 😉

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