5 Reasons Marcus Rivers is One to Watch!

Marcus Rivers dildo video
Marcus loves his toys!

Hey guys! You probably predicted this post was cumming, oops, I mean coming. I spent far too long gushing over adorable little Marcus Rivers from Zack Randall in a recent post. In truth, we really need some posts featuring some of the hottest guys in the porn business. It was only proper that I kick this update off with one of my faves. So, why is Marcus Rivers one to watch? I have five reasons to offer you.

Marcus Rivers Masters the Art of Masturbating

Marcus Rivers is one to watch dildo video
Marcus loves his toys!

1. He’s ridiculously adorable. No, seriously, this boy is so good-looking and fit I can totally imagine getting into a physical altercation with anyone who doesn’t agree. I know I’m not the only one who sees a slight resemblance to Olympic Diver Tom Daley in this boy (they even mention that in his bio). He’s also one of those young men who never seem to age (we’re all damn jealous of those genes!) He’s probably going to look like this until he’s 40. Then over the course of one week, he’ll suddenly mature into a handsome daddy, like George Clooney. We’ve had models like him in the business before. Handsome men like Aaron Aurora or Johnny Rapid, boys who never seem to age. Yet, you just know he’s always going to be a sexy guy no matter what.

Marcus Rivers cum shot
An empty cock makes for a happy lad

2. He loves sex and performing. I guess it kind of goes without saying that a boy like this would love to share his cock with others. However, Marcus is a natural on camera and it’s obvious he’s having a great time. From the moment he arrived and got straight into a cock sucking and hole rimming session with another one of their boys. It was clear he was going to have a lot of fans, and that was soon proven when he came back. Again and again, to suck cocks and get his tight little butthole filled. At the time of writing, he’s been in 23 videos, and I know his first time bottoming is about to be released. If you want to know about that make sure you join the NEWSLETTER or click to see if we’ve posted about that already.

Marcus Rivers fucked by Jeremy Cox
Marcus gets a great fucking from otter Jeremy Cox

3. He has a perfect body. One of the reasons I was never really too interested in twinks is that I prefer my guys to be a bit more fit. Those men who have a little more meat on their bones, so to speak. While I like all kinds of guys, I definitely swing more toward the sporty and masculine. Marcus is a bit more of a “twunk” than a twink, in my opinion. He’s a little more fit than most boys of his genre and has that perfect amount of definition and tone to get him over the line from “twinky” boy to the hot young lad. I think he works out and it shows. I can’t help but imagining this boy in the gym. Just the thought gets me a little bit hard! 🙂

Marcus Rivers cock is one to watch
Just a boy with his favorite toy

4. He has a great cock! Of course, I have to talk about this boy’s 8-inch cock. I love all dicks, all shapes and sizes, bent ones and straight ones, thick or thin. Nevertheless, some guys just have a pretty perfect dick. Overall, I think Marcus Rivers has one of the best boners on the site. He’s turned on from the start of any scene and that dick doesn’t seem to weaken until he’s splashed his load out and emptied his balls for us. I’ve seen every video he’s been in and he’s never disappointed me once. I’m not the kind of guy to forget the balls. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how awesome I think his nuts appear on gay porn videos. He’s got the kind of nads you could really suck on and play with.

Marcus Rivers hard cock cum load is one to watch in gay porn
Damn, he’s so fucking fit!

5. He’s gonna be big in porn if he wants to be. I’ve been watching gay porn long enough to see newcomers to certain sites become massive superstars of gay porn within a year or two of starting out. One of those was Paddy O’Brian. I remember watching him jacking off for a British porn site years ago, being blown by a dude for the first time, fucking his first ass. Then suddenly he was in the US and appearing for some of the biggest studios in the world. I think Marcus has the potential to be one of those guys if he wants to be. It’s great seeing him in more amateur-style videos meeting new guys and having great sex with unknown performers. I can totally picture him in DVD releases over at TLA or NakedSword, for some of those massive studios like TitanMen.

While I’m writing this I’m thinking about the upcoming scene with him topping for the first time. I can’t wait to check it out. Click here to see all the posts he’s been in here and maybe that topping scene will be there already.

One to Watch Recap

If you’re still here I have to ask why you haven’t clicked through to watch him in action yet. If you need to know more about the site, check out our Zack Randall review, you should find plenty of reasons to join.

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