Hello, my gorgeous lovelies! I hope this week has been kind to you so far. Even if it has I bet most of you are desperately looking forward to a couple of days off. I know I am, and I know what I’ll be doing (drinking a little too much and probably getting some action with a friend, or two). To get you in the right mind for a raucous weekend I have my usual selection of awesome action from NakedSword to share. And boy is it a good mix of hotties having awesome sex! If you haven’t checked out our NakedSword Review yet, make sure you do that.

NakedSword Workout #9

BB CUMBLAST (01:55) Click to watch

BB Cumblast DVD
Craving that cream!

I wouldn’t quite call myself a slut (and you shouldn’t either). Nevertheless, I’ve dated quite a few men over the years and there are a few guys who really stand out from the rest. One of them hated cum. I know, you’re wondering how a gay guy could hate jizz, but he really did. He would freak out a bit if I unloaded on him. In contrast, another guy I dated used to fire off gigantic cum loads and usually aimed at his own mouth. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! This release from Bareback Inc. is for the latter. The guys who love to see a good load being pumped, after some full-on bareback fucking!

With more than 100 dicks squirting 100 juicy loads in mouths, in butt holes, and over other nut-loving dudes this cummy compilation movie will probably have you joining in within minutes. This is the kind of movie you’ll come back to again and again. Getting further along before busting your own load out each time. With loads of gorgeous boys and greedy twinks sharing their uncut cocks and cum loads in this one I think it’s probably gonna be on your rotating list for a while! Click the link above or the DVD cover to head over there and check it out.

CRUISING THE BIG EASY (01:16) Click to watch

Cruising the Big Easy DVD
Real men love raw manhole!

I have gotta say it… this movie really could be set anywhere. The fact that it’s got Big Easy in the title is almost entirely irrelevant to the reason we’re watching it. It’s all about horny men cruising for sex and finding it all around New Orleans. With stars like Nick Cross and Markos Nuvoa (who kick off the fun when they meet in Bourbon Street) hooking up for some no-strings action. Directed by Leo Forte from the Skyn Men studio, you can be pretty sure it’s a quality production. It’s got a real raw feel to it, and I don’t just mean the big bareback cocks sliding up into dudes.

The handheld camerawork lends an element of realism to it and if these guys weren’t all pretty well-known porn stars it could feel as though they really were just shooting a bunch of guys hooking up. Sure, some people don’t like the amateur camerawork and you might start to feel like you’re jerking off on the deck of a fishing vessel in a storm. But stick with it because it’s pretty fun to watch and these guys are all real good fuckers!

THIRSTY (01:41) Click to watch

Thirsty DVD
They need it so bad

As I already mentioned, I’ve dated quite a lot and met plenty of men, of all kinds. Some of the bottoms I’ve known over the years have been real sluts – more so than even me! One guy in his mid 20’s (a real fucking hot young jock still exploring) went a bit crazy for dick and started going to orgies. Taking on ten or more guys at a time. It was fun to watch, but he was too much for me and I cut him loose. “Thirsty” is all about guys like him, although this is one-on-one.

The mission for this release by the Fuck Champ Robinson studio was simple. Find desperate bottoms and give them some big black cock to take. They certainly achieved that! It’s almost 2 hours of hardcore bareback fucking with greedy bottoms riding some big tools and loving every second of it. With a whole lot of cock sucking, rimming, jacking off and cum splashing thrown in for good measure. If you just like to see tight holes being railed by big bare cocks, then this is one movie you should be checking out!

L’ELISIR D’AMORE (01:47) Click to watch

L'Elisir D'Amore DVD
Classic gay action with stunning jock men

There are some names in the gay porn business when you know as soon as you hear it you’re gonna get a quality movie, and Lucas Kazan is one such name. To be honest, you could probably stop someone in the street at random and just say the name and it would at least be a little familiar to them. For the tiny minority of porn fans who have presumably been under a rock for more than a decade, this studio is renowned for its gorgeous European guys, their uncut cocks, their muscle boys, and their awesome, sensual, erotic shoots.

These are the kinds of guys I was fapping over when I was just working out that I was into cock, and that’s stayed with me since. Sure, all kinds of men get my dick stiff these days, but smooth and buff underwear model types (some of you older guys wanked off to the underwear pages of a catalog, right?) still do it for me. It’s classic gay Euro jock porn, with bad subtitles and sunny settings. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to spend a year working out every day before traveling to the Czech Republic for a month’s vacation cruising around looking for dick.

NakedSword Weekly Recap

That’s it for this week, a smattering of hotness in various themes and with all kinds of guys! You have a week to watch all of these and file your reports in the comments if you like. I’ll have another collection for you on Saturday, but more to come on the blog before then. Stick around, join the NEWSLETTER, and if you haven’t read the NakedSword Review yet you probably should.

Have a great Friday!

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