Extra Fun – Bisexual Bearish Hunk Hugo Brtnik Fucked Raw by Jeremy Robbins!


I missed the video of big bisexual bearish hunk Hugo Brtnik getting his virgin ass stuffed with hard young cock from Jeremy Robbins, but we’ve just been given a reminder with this session of behind the scenes action from the two. I had to share this with you guys after looking back at these first two videos.

Extra fun with Bisexual bearish hunk Hugo Brtnik getting fucked raw by Jeremy Robbins
Bearish hunk Hugo Brtnik and young Jeremy Robbins

When I first saw bearded big guy Hugo, he said he was bisexual. I just instinctively knew that he hadn’t really had the opportunity to explore things and he was probably calling himself that because of the porn he likes. He admitted that he liked to jack off to trans girls, so we knew he has a thing for cock that he probably hadn’t explored much, if at all.

We watched him jacking off and spurting a good load in his solo, then he came back for a massage and had a hot load wanked out of him by another man for the first time. I should have known he’d be back to try sucking dick and fucking. However, I completely missed it when this video with Jeremy was released. I certainly didn’t imagine he’d be the one getting fucked!

This new arrival is packed with extra footage from his first time, and it’s hot to watch. Do you know how most sites publish “bonus” content that’s really nothing more than a 5-minute video? Our friends at William Higgins don’t do that. This is a full-length hardcore fuck with these guys, giving you plenty of extra footage that we didn’t get in the first one.

I love scenes like this because they show the guys more naturally. There’s no denying that when Hugo gets his mouth on that cock he’s loving it, his own dick is so hard. When he feels that cock sliding into his hairy hole he’s struggling for a moment, but soon he’s loving that too and jacking himself off while Jeremy busts his cherry! 🙂

Check out some pics from the video and go and check out all his scenes. It’s awesome to see a guy exploring things for the first time and young Jeremy was a perfect friend to team him up with.

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