Derek Kage Is Good to the Last Drop!

I believe the title of this CockyBoys release probably sums it up best. Nevertheless, I’m still gonna tell you all about delicious Derek Kage in Good to the Last Drop, now streaming at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Good to the last Drop

Cast list: Benjamin Blue, Derek Kage, Grant Ducati, Hazel Hoffman, Kane Fox, Leo Grand, Manuel Skye, Mitch Matthews

Studio: CockyBoys

I’m gonna admit right away that I clicked to watch this movie at TLA mostly because I noticed Derek Kage on the cover.

I fucking LOVE that man.

Every time I see him, I think of him being in some kind of British spy or gangster movie. He’s so damn handsome and with a great body.

You know I love a tasty intact cock on a hunky man too!

So, seeing him got me clicking, but all the other guys got me checking out all the scenes.

This is one of those super-hungry collections of sex scenes, with some of the greediest dick-sucking and ass-eating, leading to some awesome bareback fucking.

And, of course, Good to the Last Drop has some delicious cum enjoyment between the guys, too.

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Would I be a biased bitch if I said the hottest scene was the one with Derek and gorgeous jock Hazel Hoffman?

I mean, all four scenes are worth wanking over, but you know I love Derek Kage porn. 😉

And can I also say that calling Hazel a “twink” in the scene title? Clearly, that’s ridiculous.

If that boy is a twink, then I’m a fucking stick insect!

But I digress.

Every moment of this two-hour collection is worth savoring, and if you love some real greedy action, it’s going to hit several of your buttons.

But enough of me trying to convince you to check it out. Just click here and watch these hotties gorging on each other like real men should. 😉

And if, for some unfathomable reason, you still don’t know why TLA Gay Unlimited is so great, do yourself a favor and click here for my review.

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Derek Kage Porn Pics

You’re still here when you should have already clicked to watch Good to the Last Drop!

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