Gay Bottoms Need Dick In Sweet Hole O’ Mine!

These horny and super hot gay bottoms just want one thing… a big naked cock filling their tight hole!

Sweet Hole O' Mine

Cast list: Angel Elias, Angel Santana, Finn August, Jordan Starr, Josh Collins, Olivier Robert, Roman Todd, Tristan West

Studio: CockyBoys

Am I showing my age if I admit that when I saw the movie’s title (Sweet Hole O’ Mine), all I could hear was a certain Guns N’ Roses song?

Thankfully, that’s the only connection this video has to 80s hair metal.

If you know anything about CockyBoys, you are well aware they deliver some of the hottest gay bottoming porn with some of the best editing and filmography among content producers.

I feel like most studios don’t pay a lot of attention to making their hardcore action look cinematic, but CockyBoys definitely does.

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This hour and twenty-six-minute collection of scenes at TLA Gay Unlimited is packed with gay bottoms who need a good fucking.

It’s a good thing, then, that these gay bottoms have some great tops with great dicks ready to fill them up!

There’s no real drama or story to any of this, but would you really want or need that? These guys are just having hot sex together, and it’s being filmed and edited with such skill that, in some moments, it feels more cinematic than it has any business being.

Of course, every one of these four scenes should be relished and enjoyed, but I personally found myself enjoying scene three more than you might consider reasonable.

It’s a great mix of twinky boys and muscled hunks, but they all have plenty in common – their need to get those loads pumping from their boners. 😉

Check out some preview stills, and click here to hit play on the action. And if you don’t know why TLA Gay Unlimited is so awesome, let me spell it out… on other platforms, you’re spending $4+ to rent just this release for two days when you can stream it and thousands more at TLA.

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Gay Bottoms Cumming

I’m unsure why you’re still here when you should have already clicked to play the movie!

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