Does Sex with Men Make a Person Gay?

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Sex Men Gay? This question is very common among men; does sex with another men or man make you gay? If you are attracted to men, are you gay because of this? Of course not. First possible reason for you to having sex with other men and you are not gay is that you have bisexual tendencies. If you like women too, but you find men also very attractive, a possible answer to this is that you are truly a bisexual person. Sexual attraction is not an exact science, it can vary from person to person. Even straight men can be attracted to gay male porn men sex, this is totally normal and very common.

Sex Men Gay

Gay Male Porn Men Sex

Sex is not the only thing you must consider when you are interested if someone is gay or not. Emotional and romantic relationship with men is very important too. If someone is emotionally connected to men, and that person doesn’t relate well to women, it’s possible that we are talking about a gay person.

You must explore your sexuality before you find out are you a gay or not. It is not rare to see many guys having sex with other guys. This is called exploring their sexuality and learning new things about yourself and your body. This is a normal phase of every person’s growth and this step is a must if you want to know who you are.

Society is a place where every person has a label. You must decide if you are straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian or transsexual. This can also be a pressure, but it doesn’t have to be, because your own sexuality is your own personal thing and nobody has right to pressure you into anything. You will tell who you are when you think it is the right time.

But, if you are excited when you meet some new and handsome man and you want to share with your best female friend, and you think that women are just friends to you, if you have emotional connections with men only, you must start sexual exploration and find out if you are gay or not.

Sex Men Gay Experiment

Gay Male Porn Men Sex

If you feel that you want to sleep with both men and women, do that. Of course, you don’t have to have sex with strangers and you don’t have to fool around with hundreds of people, maybe you already have some male friend who is interested sexually with you, this is a good place to start. When you connect with someone emotionally and sexually, you will know if this is something different or not.

Can a straight man have sex with gay men? Yes, definitely! There are many reasons for that. This situation has nothing to do with emotional relationship, it is purely related to sex. It is a common thing that married men, especially men who are married for more than twenty years have sex with younger guys. The main reason for this is sexual release.

Gay men are also attracted to straight men. There is something naughty in a sexual intercourse with a married man. Also, it is possible that married men are addicted to sex, but he doesn’t have sex with his wife any longer. They only seek sexual release from sexual acts with anonymous gay men. Many straight men want to experiment and to try something new.

Curiosity is totally normal when we talk about sex, especially in guys younger than twenty-five years old. Sex with another guy is different and this is why they want to try it, to taste something unique and they are sexually aroused when they even think about having sex with other guys. Also, it is possible that these straight men who are engaged in sexual activities with gay men are not really straight.

Sex Men Gay Bisexual

Gay Male Porn Men Sex

They are possibly bisexual, but they don’t even know that yet. These men are probably attracted to other guys and they were attracted to other males before, but they didn’t explore this part of their sexuality. Also, it is very common that some Gay hazing stories, for instance in college, include homosexual acts between various straight guys. This is part of their initiation.

On the other hand, straight men who have sex with gay men maybe have a sexual addiction. If they are addicted to gay porn sex, this is definitely not a good behavior. Also, if their care for themselves too much, they are maybe narcissistic, and they don’t care for others. They have an adrenalin rush when they control other people. Having sex with them is one form of that control.

With the rise of online porn sites, many people act differently than before for various reasons. There are also many hookup websites where straight men can meet new gay people. It’s easier than ever to have all kinds of kinky and naughty sexual encounters. The human brain is a very interesting part of our body. If we watch something different, the brain needs more to make us feel better. Many straight guys ask themselves are they gay if they have sex with gay people, but no one could answer this question.

If a man has single gay experience and didn’t like it at all, he is definitely not homosexual. But, if he thinks that gay sex is something unique and more enjoyable than having sex with women, he needs to explore his sexuality further to find out who he really is. One thing is for sure; it is not easy to label yourself gay if you are not one hundred percent sure who you really are.

Sex Men Gay Conclusion

Sex Men Gay

Sexuality can vary from person to person. Some people can be attracted to sex men gay, women and trans persons. Others are attracted to opposite sex only. If some guy thinks that another guy is hot, that doesn’t mean anything. It certainly doesn’t mean that that guy is either gay or bisexual. Many straight people are so certain in their heterosexuality that they can enjoy watching gay male porn men sex. They are not afraid to tell that person of the same sex is attractive too. Isn’t that the way it should be for us all?

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