Gay Fraternity Sex Is So Hot!

You already know I have a thing for American college guys, so of course, this gay fraternity sex scene had to be shared on the blog.

Fraternity Fantasies: Prank Gone Wrong

Yes, I am still kind of pissed that I missed out on the whole fraternity thing. I wish we had this culture in the UK.

I think the same about college wrestling. How come you guys get all the horny jock-boy action? lol

I guess we do have footballers and rugby players, so it’s not all bad.

In this new scene from Next Door Studios, Fraternity Fantasies: Prank Gone Wrong, we get some really horny gay fraternity sex with handsome boys Jayden Marcos and Jonathan Tylor.

Jonathan is the super sexy young pledge who oversteps his bounds by playing a prank on senior member Jayden.

It’s a big mistake, but not unforgivable. He just needs to pay the price for taking such liberties with someone he’s supposed to respect and admire.

See, even the power dynamics are damn hot!

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Naturally, being a horny young college guy with balls full of cum, the only way Jayden can think of appropriately “punishing” the pledge is by demanding some favors.

I think it’s fair to suggest that this isn’t much of a punishment, really.

Imagine being Jonathan in this scenario. You’d be right back to pulling fraternity gay porn pranks the next day if it meant getting some good dick and a lovely raw fucking from a hottie like Jayden.

We’re supposed to believe Jonathan is shocked, but even if we indulge in the fantasy, we all know he’d savor that dick. lol

It’s a great gay fraternity sex scene these two deliver. I love the entire frat series they’ve done there, and I expect there will be plenty more, but this one will definitely have me entertained for at least a couple more viewings.

Take a look at some of the preview pics, and click here for the video. If you have any gay fraternity stories or participated in gay fraternity hazing when you were in college, leave a comment and let me fantasize about all of it. Please! 😉

Gay Fraternity Sex Pics

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