Gay Male Recognition: How to Recognize a Gay Male?

How to Recognize a Gay Male

Gay Male Recognition is another controversial topic received via email. Perhaps, we have forever opened the floodgates of communication with debate worthy interaction and opinion. With that said, we sincerely enjoy interacting with our readers here and on twitter @topratedgayporn! All we ask is for all correspondence to be respectful toward one another. Even if you don’t agree with every written word. We all have our own unique way of living the gay lifestyle, so who says there is a right or wrong way? In fact, we enjoy reading the various ways men describe their first time coming out experiences.

Everyone has their own special personal and unique story. As a side note, some of the attached photos received are worthy of an article as well. We’ve seen some impressive huge cocks for sure! Well, enough about that for now. The inspiration for this Top Rated Gay Porn update comes via a fan that really wants to be part of our writing team. Please give it a read and let us know if we should give him a shot or not? One thing is for certain, he will start as a bottom before working his way to a top! 😉

Gay Male

Gay Male

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? You are walking down the street and you accidentally look at a guy that passes right beside you? He gave you a look, he smiled at you and maybe he even winked at you. But, what does that mean? Is he just friendly, is he flirting or does he really like you? And how did he know that you are a gay male? Do gay people have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to recognizing other gay people? Some might even call it “Gaydar!” In this article, we will write about the subject how to recognize gay male and what to do if you like him.

How to Notice if Your Male Friend is Gay?

How to Recognize a Gay Male

If you are gay, or you like to explore yourself sexually, you probably want to know if your close friend is gay, or even maybe bisexual. But, you can’t just ask him that, it is not the way it works. Every person has a right to privacy and you can’t just sniff around other people’s emotions and personal things. But, if your reasons are emotional too, and you like your friend for some time, you can find if he is interested in several subtle ways.

But, you must also learn what not to do. First, you can’t notice if someone is gay if you just look at this person. Some people have more feminine expressions or the way they talk, but that doesn’t mean that people are gay. Also, some men have a naturally high pitched voice, this also does not mean these men are gay. The only way you can be certain that someone is gay is if they tell you that private information personally.

If someone dates men and have relationships with men, that doesn’t mean this person is gay. He is maybe bisexual or pansexual, and if you are close to the person, and if you like that person, there is a chance that you and he can end up together if the attraction is mutual.

How Do You Find Out?

There are many subtle methods to find out if someone is possibly gay. You can try and learn his opinion about gay people in general. If someone supports gay rights and feels that gay male rights or really important to him personally, you can suspect that he is more than just an activist for gay rights, especially if he talks about gay rights with lots of emotions. On the other hand, some gay males are homophobic in public because they are afraid that someone can find out that they are gay too.

He Does Not Check Out Women in Public

You are in public together often, you are with other friends too, and you notice how many beautiful girls there are around you? But, he doesn’t look at these girls and doesn’t look interested in these girls? Hmm, this is not something heterosexual males will do. This might be an indication of a gay male in front of you. Perhaps, he looks around and checks out other men? This is first possible clue that someone is gay.

His Relationship with Other Men

Have you ever notice that your friend or someone you think is gay stands close or even too close to other men? He is interested in hugs and touching, he likes to give a bro-cuddle or something similar? Even more, if someone is interested to do any kind of intimate activity with other men is a possible sign that this person is gay. Many men do not want to get in any kind of physical activity with other guys, and this is part of their heterosexual personality. But, in some cultures, it is quite common that men hug and kiss each other, this is totally normal and they don’t consider this gay at all.

His Social Media Accounts are Private

It is totally okay that someone hides their friends on social media. In fact, it is good to hide all your information, personal things, and photos. But, if someone is close to you and you consider that person to be your close friend and he does not want to show you list of his friends? This is something fishy at least, don’t you think? Maybe his friends online are people he used to date or date. This is also possible if you don’t know these people at all. And of course, if your friend use dating app to meet other men, and he tells you he is just curious and he wants to meet new friends, this does not sound totally as a truth. Always look for more clues if a person is a gay before you ask him directly.

Gay Male Conclusion

Toby Ross

There is no universal way to tell if someone is gay or not. You cannot say that someone is heterosexual or homosexual by just looking at that person. One and only one hundred percent valid way to find out if someone is gay is if that person tells you he is gay. Other methods are just not effective. You can’t tell if someone is gay only by knowing which type of music or movies that person like. Also, you can’t tell if a person is gay by the way he dresses and by the way his haircut looks like. Many men experiments in styling and fashion and this could be just a phase.

If you look closely enough, you can recognize that someone likes you. This does not mean that this person is gay. Perhaps he is bisexual or even open-minded, but clues to recognize that someone looks you are simple to follow. If you notice that someone is looking at you, or smiling at you, smile back, talk to that person and see how it goes from there. If there is a chemistry between you too, good for you. No chemistry means move on and don’t waste time. If not, there is always plenty of real gay porn to watch in the interim. It is simple as that!

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