The Sexy Gay Muscle Dicks And Dads Of Powergrip

Watching the average dads and gay muscle dicks of Powergrip really does take me back to the 90s and I’m not mad about it.

Cast list: Cory Black, Damon Steele, Eric Carter, Eric Stone, Luis Lopez, Rick Thomas, Storm

Studio: Sunshine

So, the 90s was my favorite decade. Everyone has one, right? Usually it’s when you connected with the music, or when you were having the most fun.

I was a grunge guy, so for me it’s definitely most about the music and movies.

But, it was also when I watched gay porn for the first time, and this movie at TLA Gay Unlimited totally took me back to those days of VHS tapes.

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times on the classic releases, but there’s something so nostalgic about the grain of old porn movies, isn’t there?

That’s probably the same thing as past generations enjoying black and white movies so much.

Anyway, enough reminiscing, we’re here to talk about the gay muscle cocks and horny dad dudes having plenty of fun in Powergrip.

It’s a real manly cast.

Obviously it needs to be manly if we’re talking about gay porn from the 90s, but this is a great mix of guys.

We have young college guys, muscled straight-seeming jocks and hunks, alongside some gay daddies who are handsome and ravenous.

It’s a great mix for a movie, not only in the guys but the styles. We get some great duos and threesomes, but there’s also some hot bigger group fun that will definitely have you jerking it.

We get six scenes in this hour and thirty-something minutes of fun, with outdoor activities, lots of jacking off, plenty of sucking and some great fucking.

If you like classic porn movies and you have a thing for the early 90s, I definitely recommend clicking here and checking out these horny dads and those gay muscle dicks.

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