Gay Skaters Go Wild in Half Pipe Twinks at TLA!

Click to watch gay skater boys having sex in Half Pipe Twinks
Gay skater boys abandon their wheels for some hard dick!

I used to have a normal (read boring) job working nights in an office building and we had a lot of skaters who loved using the marble walls and steps outside for their tricks. I was supposed to kick them off the property, but some of them were damn fine, and shirtless too. That’s what I was thinking about when I hit play on Half Pipe Twinks over at TLA Gay Unlimited. If you love gay skater boys, you need to check this out!

Click to watch gay skater boys having sex in Half Pipe Twinks
Gay skater boys abandon their wheels for some hard dick!
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Full cast list: Aaron Silverview, Alan Murphy, David Coach, Jason Truxx, Tanner Reed, Tristan Tyler

Studio: Hyde Park Productions

I can’t get on a skateboard, just as I can’t get on skates of any kind. I have the balance of a drunk after a heavy night even when I’m completely sober, so unless I wanted to end it all and become a meme from a YouTube fail video I tend to stay away from anything with wheels unless I’m sitting, and even then it’s iffy.

But, if I’d been aware of just how horny skater boys were when I was younger I would probably be Tony Hawk today!

It’s true, I’ve heard plenty of stories about what skater boys get up to with each other and this movie from 2009 is pretty much what I imagine, only without so many wheels and a whole lot more cock in bedrooms.

You get five scenes in this one, with hardly any actual skating of any kind going on. I guess this is one of those loosely themed things where it’s just an excuse to get some really gorgeous boys sucking dick and fucking each other in the butt. Well, it works for me!

These British boys have a whole lot of fun together, sucking and wanking, fucking tight little holes, and splashing cum all over. The best scene might be the final group fuck session, I think I might have to go back and watch that one again later.

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