They’re not into only girls for long in Straight Boy from Eurocreme!

Click to watch straight hung boy Matt Hughes in Straight Boy at NakedSword
Matt Hughes has a gigantic cock!

MY RATING: 10/10

I suppose I’m not the only one whose fantasy world has been working overtime lately. I don’t usually have real horny dreams. However, last night I dreamed I was on a football team. We all ganged up to fuck one of the lads in the showers after a game. I don’t even know what the off-side rule is but apparently my brain can make a fantasy out of a sport I have no interest in! And so we get to this movie I found this morning, Straight Boy from Eurocreme.

Click to watch straight hung boy Matt Hughes in Straight Boy at NakedSword
Matt Hughes has a gigantic cock!

Full cast list: Bailey Onice, Brett Carter, Dan Roberts, Jordan B, Justin D’Angelo, Luckas Layton, Matt Hughes, Nathan Cox, Ollie Richards, Shane Stone, Zack Hazzard

Studio: Eurocreme, DreamBoy, Eurocreme Group

Obviously the sight of Matt Hughes’ gargantuan uncut cock on the cover of this movie was what got my attention. It’s been a while since I said that I’m not all about size but although I feel like repeating that I can’t claim that his immense man meat didn’t pull me into this one!

Come on, just look at that cock and that face! How could you not want to watch this straight lad using that fuckstick on some other lucky boys?

Yeah, he’s straight. I remember when he started out in the British business way back. I think he’s just one of those straight lads who like to stick his dick in whoever can handle it. By now, he obviously knows other boys can manage that dick better than a lot of girls can.

So what is this movie about? It’s basically as the title says. Big-dicked Matt is a straight boy among a group of other gorgeous and horny lads. They seem far more open to exploring than he seems to be at the start. You know how it goes when a straight lad gets his cock out for a friend for the first time, right? They very rarely decide that dick isn’t for them. lol

There’s a lot of sucking and fucking to enjoy in this 1 hour and 40-minute release. Matt has the biggest dick of all these boys there are plenty of other generous appendages to lust after in these 5 scenes of couples, threesome and orgy action.

Check out some of the pics and click through for the full movie. If you love seeing massive cocks, uncut guys, straight boys having fun, and a whole lot of cum being splashed around, then you’re gonna want to see this one. 🙂

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