Ryder Owens Gets Gay Step Dad Dick From Derek Kage in Pump Me Up, Step-Dad!

Yes, it’s another gay step dad scene, and while some of you might be bored with this theme, I believe you’re gonna like this one!

Next Door Taboo: PUMP ME UP, STEP-DAD

I admit, the whole family roleplay kink in gay porn over the last year has been a little tiresome.

It really feels like every site in the world jumped on this bandwagon.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that some trends in gay porn are fucking hot, but there’s a point when it just becomes a little predictable, right?

But, at the same time, it is a fantasy, and when handsome hunk Derek Kage is involved, I’m willing to relax my standards just a little. lol

And, of course, Ryder Owens is a damn sexy young jock, and any chance to enjoy him shouldn’t be missed.

Together they make an awesome couple in Pump Me Up, Step-Dad.

Naturally, the younger hunk, Ryder, is a little obsessed with Derek. He’s been craving that gay step dad dick for a while, and he’s finally going to do everything he can to entice the man into a gay porn flip fuck.

It doesn’t take a whole lot. lol

Fitness-obsessed personal trainer Derek can’t resist when Ryder makes his move.

You know what gym-buff dudes are like. They’re walking cum factories at the best of times, and with Ryder clearly down to suck dick and pound out some loads, gay step dad Derek is defenseless.

The oral these guys share is so damn hot. They really get into the POV and verbal with this scene. It’s not something you get very often in modern porn, but Next Door Taboo does it well in this video.

Enjoy some of the gay porn step dad pics below. Then click here to see that step dad gay porn dick being put to work and Ryder returning the favor!

May I just say that if Derek Kage were a personal trainer at my gym, I would be the buffest dude you ever did see! lol

Gay Step Dad Porn Pics

Are you still here? Join now to see that gay step dad dick and hot hole being expertly worked by Ryder!

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