I’d hit the mat with Gerasim Spartak or Ivan Gula for some gay wrestling!

two naked guys jerking each other off
Good buddies are cool with swapping cocks

I was never much of a sporty guy when I was younger. If forced into being part of any kind of team I tended to rebel against it. As you can imagine, I was incredibly popular! Basically, I loathed pretty much every sport. Things might have been different if wrestling had been an option. Put a dude in a tight singlet and I’d probably be there to grapple with him in seconds. It’s never been a sport here, not in the way it is in the US. Nevertheless, if it had been I would have gladly given that a try. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love the gay wrestling videos of William Higgins so much?

two straight guys working out together
Ivan Gula and Gerasim Spartak pump iron before each other

Gerasim Spartak is the older guy in this video. The handsome and slightly more eager dude who has been in a few gay porn videos already, seems to have his chub on from the moment his uncut cock is out.

He’s technically straight but that label fades with each video he appears in. Something tells me he’s a lot less straight than he was when he first arrived on set at William Higgins. Isn’t that usually the way it goes?

His younger buddy Ivan Gula isn’t totally new to all this either. He’s been in some orgy scenes already where he explored sucking cock and fucking other boys in the butt. I believe we’re gonna be seeing a lot more from him.

After a little pumping iron with the free weights and some arm wrestling (can you guess who wins?) they head to the wrestling mat. It’s not long before the guys are naked, oiling each other up and grinding around on the floor.

Subsequently, both of their cocks are flopping around while they try to grab each other. I swear I would be there for every workout session if this was a thing at my local gym. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the wrestling videos from William Higgins, you should check them out. Most usually end with a little mutual cock stroking before the guys splash their cum out over the ground while the other watches.

That’s exactly what we get with these two before they hit the showers and clean up. While there’s a lot of fucking and sucking on the site I have to admit that these playful sessions really do it for me.

For some reason, these type of videos make me want to get naked with someone and have a little competition on the floor. I’m definitely not saying I would be any good at wrestling (totally unsporty guy here). Nonetheless, I really wouldn’t mind giving it a try, especially with Gerasim!

Check out some preview pics Gerasim Spartak and Ivan Gula then click through for the video.

two uncut straight guys working out naked
Naked workouts are the best workouts
naked gym guys arm wrestling
Can you guess who wins the arm wrestling match?
two straight men wrestling in their underwear
The grappling for cock bulge starts
straight man oiling another mans cock
Good sport Gerasim lends a helping hand
two naked men wrestling in oil
Time for some slippery fighting!
two naked straight men jacking off together
Every good wrestle should end with a jack off
two naked guys jerking each other off
Good buddies are cool with swapping cocks
two straight wrestlers cumming together
The cum shooting should be part of the competition

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