I’m in lust with straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs!

straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs naked with a towel
Dude, drop the towel!

Okay, guys, I think I have a new obsession. One of my buddies sent me a pic of Brock Jacobs this morning and told me he was now on TopRatedGayPorn.Live. With a “heads up” like that, I had to go and check out his profile, right? Now it seems I might be hooked. Can you blame me, though? Just look at the gorgeous straight muscle cam hunk. Now tell me you don’t want to see him live in private chat! I expect he’s going to become one of the most popular guys on our cam site in the next few weeks, so you probably don’t want to miss him.

muscle man in the gym
Muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs bulges out in all the right places

Because he’s so new there’s not a whole lot I can tell you about him at the moment. However, I can state that this straight muscle cam hunk is already gaining fans and followers. I believe we’re likely to be seeing a lot of him. I can also tell you he’s 29, he has a 7″ cut cock, and he’s a Pisces. You know what they say about Pisces guys… no, I don’t either.

He’s not new to being on cam, of course. I was able to find a couple of stills from when he was jacking off with one of his jock buddies in another show. Does that mean we might get a duo or two from him? I really hope so.

Obviously, this guy puts more effort into working out than I put into sitting back and watching Netflix while eating cheesy snacks, and I can tell you now that if my chosen sport were an Olympic one I would be a gold medalist. All his effort has certainly paid off, he’s a massive guy with the kind of body I think we’d all love to spend a night exploring.

Would he let us? I don’t know, he’s straight, and probably has a supermodel girlfriend too, but I guess you never know.

Enjoy a few of Brock’s preview pics and make sure you check him out. He apparently puts on some great solo shows and I’m really looking forward to a duo, too. Let’s try to make that happen by propelling straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs to the top spot. Remember, your friends at Top Rated Gay Porn™ give you 120 Free Credits to start! 🙂

straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs
straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs in the shower
You’d join him in the showers at the gym, right?
straight muscle cam hunk Brock Jacobs naked with a towel
Dude, drop the towel!

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