Gorgeous Tomas Salek Could Fuck Me Any Time!

The things I would do with that handsome jock dick

If you try to tell me that you don’t think Tomas Salek is one of the hottest hunks in European gay porn, I will call you a liar. Although this is (stupidly) the first time I think we’ve seen this gorgeous man on the blog, he’s one of my favorite performers and I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Young Peto Mohac is in for a treat


We all know that there are plenty of extremely attractive men in gay porn, but the number of those guys who could have had a career in professional male modeling is probably much smaller. In my opinion (and I don’t care if you disagree with me on this) Tomas Salek could have been world famous for his stunning good looks and that awesome body. Thankfully, he didn’t get into posing in D&G for world-renowned fashion photographers and instead went to William Higgins to build a career in porn.

I’ve been enjoying him ever since, and I think this bareback fuck scene with sweet young Peto Mohac should have you addicted to the guy too.

It’s hard to imagine this handsome stud started out straight, just exploring things and learning how to perform with other guys. Needless to say, he soon discovered that he actually likes the taste of hard cock, and he’s not scared to top or bottom either!

Peto gets a glorious dick sucking from the handsome hunk before returning the favor and slobbering all over Tomas’ gorgeous manhood, then he slides down on that dick and rides his jock buddy raw and deep, fucked all over the bed until he’s wanking his cum out over himself and Tomas is pulling out to splash over the lad too.

I’m not much of a bottom, I confess, but if I had the chance to do anything with Tomas I would not be saying no.

Check out some pics, click through for the video, and let me know in the comments if you think Tomas isn’t all that, I’m ready for an argument! 🙂

His handsome face is even hotter when he’s got a cock in it
We all want to be Peto right now
The things I would do with that handsome jock dick
I would gladly ride that boner too
You’d cum too if Tomas was inside you
A sticky reward
Tomas adds to the mess

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