Feeling Greedy? Get Triple the Dick in RAW 3 WAYS at TLA Gay Unlimited!

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This is one for the greedy bareback lovers!


Yeah, we all get greedy sometimes, and that’s cool. I often get accused of being a “size queen” because I can appreciate a big cock in porn, but I also get greedy when it comes to threesome fucks and orgies too. Needless to say, I enjoyed RAW 3 WAYS from TLA Gay Unlimited.

Click to watch Raw 3 Ways on dvd at tla gay unlimited
This is one for the greedy bareback lovers!

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Full cast list: Tyler Reed, J.R., Dominik Rider, Andre Barclay, Sage Daniels, C.J. Banks, Nate Storm, Caleb Lucas, Xavier Wolf, Kamrun

Studio: RawJOXXX/Alpha One Media

I know I’ve said it before but I’m gonna repeat myself here… sometimes it’s just good to tell it like it is in a movie title. Indeed, you know exactly what you’re gonna get from this release from RawJOXXX/Alpha One Media just from the cover. Although, to be honest, if you saw this in an adult store you’d be paying more attention to the back, pun intended!

This one hour and forty-minute gay porn fuck fiesta is packed with hard pricks sinking into tight jock holes, all raw of course. You get four scenes of hardcore bare butt banging from some really hot guys, with muscles, and in some horny themes too. There is some kink, interracial gym action and a whole lot of hard and wet meat sliding in and out of holes before the cum starts splashing around in spectacular fashion. Usually, it gets fucked right back into a well-used hole.

You’ll probably recognize a few of the handsome studs getting their dicks splashing in this one too, guys like Tyler Reed or Xavier Wolf, for example. To be honest, all the guys in these scenes are damn hot and worth seeing enjoying themselves.

Damn, now I kinda want a threesome. I guess I’ll have to call up a few buddies later and see who’s down? 🙂

Click for the free movie preview, but read our TLA Gay Unlimited site review first if you (somehow) still don’t know what you’re gonna get with your membership. It’s the best gay porn streaming service you could find out there!

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