Help me out… is Ryan Reid considered an Otter?

naked hairy man wearing a baseball cap
Is that the Burt Reynolds pose?

*In the voice of a late-night infomercial voice-over guy* Do you sometimes get bored of the same smooth and buff gay hunks in porn? Do you sometimes wish there was more variety and genuine amateur men getting their cocks out for some fun? Have you over jerked off to otter porn? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing the all-new Ryan Reid, delivered exclusively by Zack Randall! *end infomercial guy*

bearded amateur gay porn star Otter Ryan Reid
Bearded Ryan Reid has a thick otter dick to play with

That might be one of the best openings to any blog post I’ve ever written. Therefore, I hope you appreciate it.

Yes, as the title suggests, I need a little help working out whether Ryan Reid is an “Otter.” You might say that I should know all the terminology. However, we didn’t have all these “labels” when I was coming up. Good cock was just a good cock, to put it another way. We didn’t need names to categorize what guys looked like. To clarify, there were only two “types” for me and my buddies to choose from. Guys, we’d suck, and guys we wouldn’t.

For the record, I would totally gobble Ryan’s cock, and more.


This guy is just starting out on the site with a solo jack off, displaying his meaty tool and kicking back to stroke the cum from his big balls. Subsequently,  splashing his jizz all over his hairy stomach. It’s great to watch. Aside from it being a good solo with a guy who clearly isn’t shy about things. Furthermore, I’m already imagining him getting a massage and being blown. Gradually exploring things and learning how to appreciate some good fun with another dude.

Although it’s not included in the pics for this scene he really enjoys fucking a Fleshlight in this video (a sex toy you can get from the Top Rated Gay Porn Official Store, by the way!). Of course, it really makes me wish I was there to help him out with that thing.

To summarize, take a minute or two and enjoy his pics. Leave a comment and let me know if Ryan Reid is the kind of guy you would call an “Otter.” Seriously, I’m curious about that, maybe if I know some of the terms you younger lads are using these days I can find some more dudes like him to have fun with?

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gay otter with a hard cock
Check out the fur and that meaty cock
naked hairy man Ryan Reid wearing a baseball cap
Is that the Burt Reynolds pose?
naked hairy guy with low hanging balls
I could suck on those nuts for a while
naked hairy otter laying on a bed holding his thick boner
That’s a tempting invitation right there
cum splashed on hairy otter stomach
You wanna lick up the mess?

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