Hot Boys get Daddy Dick in this Awesome Compilation Video!

MY RATING: 10/10

It’s been a fucked up year, hasn’t it? I don’t think a lot of people realized how much it would impact porn, but it has. As such we’ve been seeing a lot of “special releases” and gay porn video compilations over the last few months. While some of them have been a bit lame some have really delivered some serious hotness. This is the latter, especially if you’re into some serious daddy dick!

Pride Studios daddy dick

I confess that I haven’t given these compilation videos as much attention and appreciation I probably should have this year. Aside from being space fillers as some fans might think, they’re actually a great way to show what kind of hardcore action a studio delivers in a great action-packed package of hot action.

If you’re a fan of twinks, jocks and hard daddy dick then you’re probably gonna want to check out this awesome collection of moments from some of the best older/younger porn Pride Studios has released over the years.

They’ve got some seriously gorgeous bottoms teaming up with some damn fine older men in these scenes. Rest assured, it will definitely have you stroking along to the fun.

Lucas Knight, Tyler Rush, Kristofer Weston, Max Sargent, Caleb Troy, Javier Cruz, Derek Reed, Jordan Long and Nick Capra can be seen in this gathering of cock sucking and butt fucking action, with duo and threesome sessions that might have you younger viewers desperate to find a sugar daddy to ride and you older gents eager to get out there to track down your own bit of young stuff.

I’m not entirely sure which side of that I fall on right now. Truth be told, I wouldn’t consider myself to be either. Is there something between a hot young lad and a horny and hunky daddy? Because that’s probably where I belong.

I would gladly be sandwiched between the two if the opportunity is there!

Check out some of the Pride Studio pics but click here for the video. Not only does this one collection of scenes entertain it shows you the kind of action you can find there with some of the best models, in both older and younger groups.

daddy dick Nick Capra
daddy dick

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