Hot Daddies in Suits, with Hard Dicks! It’s Submit and Play Volume 1

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They're not all in their suits for long


I’ve probably worn an actual suit fewer than ten times in my life, but if I could get away doing it more I probably would. Movies like this one streaming now at TLA Gay Unlimited are responsible for that. It’s Submit and Play Volume 1, from the Men At Play studio, and it’s how we probably all imagine most professional men living in a city behave.

Click to watch Submit and Play DVD at TLA Gay Unlimited
They’re not all in their suits for long

Cast List: Antonio Miracle, Cristian Sam, Hector De Silva, Jonas Jackson, Logan Moore, Lukas Daken, Manuel Skye, Max Duro, Mick Stallone, Paco, Robbie Rojo

Studio: Men At Play

There is something so hot about a domineering and handsome mature man who knows what he likes and gets what he wants. That’s pretty much the horny theme of this awesome 102-minute DVD feast of sucking and fucking from one of the biggest “niche” sites in the world.

Honestly, there probably couldn’t be more than one studio catering exclusively to fans of suited men, but there’s more to it than that. They’ve cornered the market on not just daddies in suits, but mature and masculine hunks with hard cocks and a greedy appetite.

It’s masculinity on the other end of the spectrum from fave studio Joe Gage, I guess. If you need a refresher, please refer to our recent 10/10 review of Joe Gage Cum 3.

There are five horny scenes in this one, with duos and threesomes between some seriously hot and sexy men, all with that city living theme, and a gangster story-line. It might be a bit of a cliche that a lot of people in porn seem to think London = gangsters, but I guess it works because they keep making movies like this. lol

Now, I admit I was a little younger when I lived in London, but movies like this one make me want to go back and stay for good. There’s so much awesome cock right there for the taking. You literally can’t walk down a street in London without finding an opportunity to get some good hard dick, and that’s well-represented in this movie.

Check out some of the pics I’ve grabbed and click through for the movie preview. You’re gonna love this one if you get off on horny daddy dudes having wild action. TLA Gay Unlimited proves once again, they are one of the best bangs for your bucks in DVD, streaming and Roku porn out there!

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