Where Do You Find Hot Gay Male Lovers?

Hot Gay Men Hookups

Hot gay male lovers are everywhere around us. But how do you know where to look for a sexy gay man with whom you can flirt and have some sexual adventures? You don’t want a relationship or a long-term commitment. No, this is all about having some fun and getting laid! I will share some of my tried and true locations for finding that “top or bottom” of your dreams. It’s possible, believe me as I have done plenty of “hands-on,” or shall I say “hard on” research?!

Where Do You Find Hot Gay Male Lovers? I used to ask this question myself every single day. Still, I do not know how to answer it accurately for everyone. But, for the majority of you don’t give up. I find hot gay guys almost everywhere I go. This is a story of how I used to meet hot men in various locations which led me to my current boyfriend. All I can say is these tactics do indeed work. I’m now in the most serious relationship I have ever been in. My sex life has never been better and I hope I will be with him for a long time.

Hot Gay Male

Hot Gay Male

A hot gay male is every gay person’s dream. There are many gay people in the world, but not all of them are hot. Some of them are thin, some of them are chubby, some of them are too huge and strong. It all depends on what type of person you like. I love lean and muscular hot gay guys, not too big and not too chubby. So, the best place for me to find a gay hot male is the gym. But, competition is huge out there, because there are also bisexual guys who are interested in flirting with both girls and guys.

It is difficult to approach someone in a gym. Yes, it’s crowded with potential fuck partners. But, it’s hard to come and talk to someone while he is working out. I don’t want to be stopped during my set of a workout. I certainly don’t want to prevent others while they do their thing. But, when they are having a break, it’s the best time to talk to someone and have a chit-chat session for a while. Also, I like to chat about casual things at first.

You will never know what to expect of someone when they are working out. Some in the gym workout seriously while others only want a place to socialize with other like-minded fitness buffs. A few just want to find a casual friend or they want to talk for a while with another person because they are bored or lonely at home. One word for you introverts; if you don’t like to go out to gyms, clubs and fancy places with too many people, you will probably have a hard time meeting someone.

Hot Gay Male Hookups

Hot Gay Men Hookups

A noisy place is the last place I want to meet someone. Especially if that person is drunk and possibly don’t even see me well. But, the good news is that there are thousands of gay hot males who are waiting for you somewhere. Dating sites are a great place to start if you are shy. However, exercise caution because there are many people there who are complete frauds. Some don’t even want to meet other gay guys, they are only looking for someone to talk to, and that’s it. Some might even be married men or lonely women!

Also, dating sites are types of places where many meet someone to hook up for a one-night stand. If you are interested in a serious relationship, dating sites can work but, so can the library. You don’t have to use any dating apps, you can meet people offline, and I like to do that do. But, how to do that? This is not easy, I can tell you that. Keep your eyes open, and eventually, you will find someone. As stated earlier, the gym always worked for me.

However, this time, I didn’t find anyone in the gym. I met someone in the park. One day, I decided to take a walk down the park. I didn’t want to meet anyone, but I felt horny. I had a tremendous amount of pent-up sexual energy. It was nine o’clock in the evening, there were not many people outside, and this suited me well. I wanted to be alone, to just chill out and to have a good time with myself. But, after only twenty minutes I saw someone just like me a male in his thirties, walking alone. He deliberately sat on the park bench near me.

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I decided I was going to talk to him. I wasn’t brave in general and really didn’t like to approach too many people because I was lacking self-esteem. But this time, I knew that I would have some luck. The vibes around this person were positive, and I decided I will give it a try. But, this time, I didn’t find anyone in the gym, I saw and met someone in the park. If you don’t like to go out to clubs and fancy places with too many people, you probably have a hard time to meet someone.

I didn’t want to lose any precious fuck time. I asked him if he ready for sex or does this situation happen only in gay porn movies only. He smiled, and he said that I was fortunate because he came to the park for an exact reason, to find someone to have any kind of sex that person wants. He sucked my cock like a pro, he was fantastic at giving head, and I came after five minutes. I came on his face and his hair, it was a mess.

Kneeling beside him, and I gave him a French kiss and tasted my own cum. It felt good, salty and creamy. I came but my dick was hard again. I really wanted to have sex with him, so I asked him if he wanted to feel my cock inside his ass. Carefully, I opened a condom I always carry with me because of situations like this. I prepared my cock for some tight anal sex. He bent over and spread his cheeks wide. He was definitely ready to take my cock.

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I pounded his ass for all it was worth with no foreplay. It didn’t take long until I came inside his condom clad orifice. It was fucking magnificent even though it was safe sex and not bareback. An added plus is that he said that I had the biggest cock he ever saw. As you can see from my experience, one hour in the park gave me a chance to find someone hot. I got to have hot and quick sex with him. Of course, we were using protection, because you just never know where someone else has been.

This was super spontaneous and I will probably never see this person ever again. Actually, I hardly remember what he looks like. If I meet him again, I will probably not even know who he is! Good luck finding your own hot gay male wherever it may be. We truly hope each and every gay person finds not only true love but amazing sex partner as well. Feel free to keep us updated on your horny gay lifestyle escapades. Write to us via E-mail or hit the Top Rated Gay Porn team up on twitter @topratedgayporn!

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