Intact straight guys Billy and Kyle fuck in Uncut Love 2 from TLA Gay!

Click to watch uncut love 2
Uncut straight guys suck and fuck, and they seem to enjoy it!

I guess you guys know by now that I’m British. One of the biggest cultural differences between the UK and US is that most guys here have kept their foreskin, and I think it’s something most guys love about us Brits. Even though hooded dicks are so common here, I have to admit I have a bit of a fetish for intact guys with lots of hood. So, when I saw this new release at TLA Gay with two uncut American straight guys fucking I just had to watch it! 🙂

Click to watch uncut love 2
Uncut straight guys suck and fuck, and they seem to enjoy it!

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Full cast list: Billy, Kyle

Studio: Gemini Studios

Not to diminish your appreciation for hooded members, but I would say my love of foreskin is a little more involved than the average guy. I really like everything about a dick, but a good hood of skin on a cock is a special treat. I once dated a guy (maybe dated is a strong word lol) who had one of the longest foreskins I’ve ever seen and I loved playing with it. Even though I’m uncut too docking with him was one of the hottest things we ever shared, his hood could stretch out completely covering my tip and it felt amazing.

When he was floppy his skin would hang over the end of his cock like a fleshy spout.

Billy and Kyle are the uncut straight guys getting their cocks out for some man-on-man fun in this video, and it’s pretty damn hot to watch. Surprisingly, unlike a lot of other videos with straight dudes exploring these two share a whole lot of kissing. It does seem a little awkward at times, but once they get sucking on those intact dicks and giving each other some good head their boners are wet and slick with spit and pre-cum and the two are clearly into it.

Fit lad Billy is the one getting some man hole in this one, after a good long feast of meaty oral between them. He lets his buddy warm up with a little toy play in his ass first, but soon enough he’s sliding his raging boner into that hole and filling his friend with his cock. Both guys take to it pretty well and although you sometimes wonder with videos like this if the guys are really straight you can tell these two definitely are. They might claim to be in it for the money but they’re obviously having a good time with those dicks.

I’m not gonna give you all the spoilers even though you probably know how this is all gonna go, but be sure that by the end of this video you’ll be convinced that these two guys had a lot more cock fun after this off camera. 🙂

Just a couple of straight bros about to suck and fuck
His first taste of cock
He seems to like it!
You gotta return the favor for a bro
A feast of cock begins
Easing open that tight straight hole
He didn’t expect it to feel so good
watch him play magician and make that cock disappear!

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