Naked Gay Wrestling Videos Are So Hot To Watch!

They have a lot of great hardcore themes for their videos at William Higgins, but I don’t think the gay wrestling videos should be overlooked.

William Higgins Naked Gay Wrestling Videos
Simon Best (left) and Bobby Orel wrestle and wank on video

Obviously, I have a thing for fit young muscled guys.

My interest in them only grows when they started out straight but dared to explore and discover new things.

That’s the case with both of these young men. Bobby Orel and Simon Best started out straight and jacking off solo, but they were soon grabbing other guy’s by the dick and exploring all kinds of horny fun.

I think it’s fair to say these two guys aren’t totally straight these days.

They’re back and about to have a greased-up session in one of William Higgins’ famed gay wrestling videos, and it ends with some good cum being splashed!

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I know I’ve said this before but I have a fascination for wrestlers.

Being a Brit we don’t have this culture in the UK. I feel like we miss out because of it. College jocks in tight singlets bumping and grinding on a mat? YES PLEASE!

I’m not gonna pretend I would have been any good at it when I was of that age. Honestly, it would be like trying to wrestle a drunk giraffe with no hand-eye coordination. Still, I would have enjoyed being on the periphery of that culture!

These guys get more into it than you might think.

As I would lol

After a little round of innocent wrestling in their underwear, their cocks are soon out. Bodies oiled up (by each other, naturally) and they’re competing once again.

The grunting, the balls and cocks swinging around and slapping. The muscled men bodies straining with determination to win… it’s all too much!

But not really. It’s just enough.

By the time the winner has been declared they no doubt have some cum in their balls they need to get out.

All gay wrestling videos should end with at least a mutual jack off.

These guys get boned up, grab each other by the dick and have a wank off to end their session, splashing their cum over the mat before heading to the shower to clean up.

The only thing that would make these videos hotter is if they were actually wearing singlets. You can’t have everything, right?

Check out some pics and click here to stream the video. If you don’t know why I love this studio so much you should check out my William Higgins review. 🙂

Naked Gay Wrestling Videos at William Higgins
William Higgins is known for their Naked Gay Wrestling Videos
Bobby Orel and Simon Best prepare for hand to cock combat
Bobby Orel and Simon Best grappling at William Higgins
Straight boys Bobby Orel and Simon Best experiment
Bobby Orel and Simon Best wanking away after their gay wrestling match
Bobby Orel and Simon Best mutual jack off
Bobby Orel and Simon Best in the shower after their Naked Gay Wrestling Video

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