Straight Wrestlers Gerasim Spartak And Simon Best Finish With Cum Shots!

Is there anything hotter than seeing a couple of naked straight wrestlers getting to grips with each other on the mat, oiled up and with dicks swelling?

Straight Wrestlers Gerasim Spartak and Simon Best

You might have different tastes of course. Nevertheless, I found my lust for straight wrestlers when I was working night shifts in a very boring job where fiction became a good way to pass the time.

I had stacks of books about everything from horny soldiers to bromantic cowboys. However, the college wrestler stories were always some of the best.

I’m not saying I was bad at my job, but I was basically being paid to read horny stories lol

That stuck with me, so it’s no surprise that the wrestler videos from William Higgins still have me watching and wanking along so many years later.

Simon Best and Gerasim Spartak are the sexy straight wrestlers competing in this new session. I know they’re going to have plenty of you guys clicking through to watch.

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You might recall from previous posts about both these guys that they started out totally straight on the site. First, just showing off their bodies and having a good stroke session for the fans.

As is almost always the case at William Higgins, they were soon back to explore some more things. Before we knew it they were both shooting off plenty of hot cum with other lads.

Simon Best is especially interesting. It didn’t take a whole lot of time before he was back in front of the cameras and sucking his first cock.

They’ve both done a lot more since their debut. So having a good grapple on the mat and oiling each other up isn’t a big deal to these masculine guys.

It’s a real competition.

These two straight wrestlers actually want to win and you can see the real energy in their moves.

There are few rules, so grabbing an opponent’s cock and wanking him is a good distraction tactic. 🙂

I’m not gonna tell you who wins, you probably don’t care about that. You are going to care about the way they finish, though.

A couple of horny straight wrestlers like this need to end a naked performance satisfying their penises and spurting those loads out. And it doesn’t matter if a friend like Gerasim Spartak lends a hand!

Enjoy some pics but click here for the video. They have so many great matches like this between some of their hottest guys you could be wanking off to these videos for weeks.

If you somehow still don’t know why this site is one of the best and still going strong after almost two decades, it’s time to fix that tragic gay porn oversight and join now. Click here to read my William Higgins review.

William Higgins straight wrestling
Simon Best and Gerasim Spartak take a break between their wrestling match
Gerasim Spartak and Simon Best grapple on the mat
Straight Wrestlers Gerasim Spartak and Simon Best at William Higgins
Simon Best jerks Gerasim Spartak's cock
Simon Best and Gerasim Spartak grabbing cock at William Higgins
Straight Wrestlers Gerasim Spartak and Simon Best wanking

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