Straight Suck By Gay First Timers In Freshmen Get Blown

Who doesn’t love sucking straight cock? If you’ve never tried it, I would highly recommend it. You can take some straight suck by gay pointers in Freshmen Get Blown, now streaming at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Corbin Fisher: Freshmen Get Blown

Yes, I’ve given horny straight guys blow jobs before.

It’s not really a kink or a fetish, in my opinion. I know some people think that a gay guy sucking a straight guy means he’s trying to “convert them” or something, but that’s not the case for me.

I just like showing off my skills, I guess. 😉

It’s definitely a lot of fun when you show a straight dude what he’s been missing.

And let me tell you, if you blow a straight guy well, he’ll be back for more real soon.

So that’s what this extraordinary collection of scenes from Corbin Fisher is all about.

Lucky lads are volunteering and sucking straight cock to show the noobs how good it can be, and as you can probably guess, these noobs are appreciative.

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It’s just over an hour of delicious boner rubbing and slurping for these horny new arrivals. They have some very skilled and very greedy guys to worship their dongs and make them nut, and you can be damn sure they’re gonna be looking for this kind of special treatment again.

All four of these scenes are super hot to watch, but I definitely have a fave.

The last straight suck by gay scene with William is the hottest, in my opinion.

It’s not just because he has a big juicy dong to feed his new friend. It’s because he really gets into it and jacks off his sucker!

He clearly has a great time because when he unloads that cum he’s hosing down his new friend with his semen and drenching his chest 🙂

Check out some preview stills from the action. Then click here to see these experienced gay straight sucking guys showcasing their oral skills.

If you don’t know why TLA Gay Unlimited is so awesome, read my review here. 😉

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