Straight Guys Jacking Off In Big Men On Campus

We’re going back in time a little way to enjoy these straight guys jacking off, but I know you’ll all gladly cum with me… and them!

Big Men On Campus

Cast list: Chandler, Hugh, Jamie, Kyle

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Yes, this is another classic delivery from Corbin Fisher from TLA Gay Unlimited. I fully expect some of you to be clicking the link to watch it without reading the rest.

That’s okay, I get it. There’s only so much of my shocking wit you guys can take.

And speaking of wit, some spring chicken last week told me that the 00s was “retro.”

Can you believe it? There are grown adults walking around among us right now who think 2005 was a century ago, and we’re all old for remembering it.

Some of you might be here right now. *looks around suspiciously*.

But anyway, I digress.

We’re going back to (I assume) the 00s for this collection of straight guys jacking off and showing off their big wangs in an hour-long delivery.

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I say I assume because the release date on this is 2018, but clearly, these scenes are much older. They’ve been gathered together for a nice collection, though.

We’re enjoying the throbbing inches of boys like Chandler, who’s handsome and sporty and has a load to pump from his meat.

Then there’s Kyle, who’s a little nerdy but has a donkey dong swinging between his legs.

We get four lovely scenes of straight guys jacking off, pumping their poles, and splashing their splooge in this compilation, and you’ll be glad to know at least a couple of these sexy young guys appeared in other Corbin Fisher scenes, too!

Now, enjoy some preview pics below. Then click here to watch Big Men on Campus. As always, you get 40% off your membership and access to thousands of hot scenes with our exclusive discount!

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While you do that, I’m gonna go and formulate a witty retort for the next miscreant who tries to tell me I’m old.

Straight Guys Jacking Off

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