The Handsome Hotness of Sexy Cam Guy Lucas Shade!

Sexy Cam Guy

It might sound strange to you, but one of the hottest things about a guy (in my opinion) is his eyes. Don’t worry, I’m not going all “Notebook” on you guys. I just think some dudes have those attention-grabbers that make you want more. Sure, body, cock, and ass come into it later (hopefully). However, sometimes I just need to see a dude’s eyes and I’m hooked. That was the case with sexy cam guy Lucas Shade when I was scrolling through some pics at I had to share him with you because if I didn’t your life wouldn’t ever be complete.

Sexy Cam Guy Lucas Shade

Sexy cam guy Lucas Shade shirtless

Are they sympathetic eyes? Steamy? Or maybe just sexy? I don’t know the right word to use in this case, but I do know that when I saw him I wanted more, and I really wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not entirely sure where he’s from, but I’m guessing he’s somewhere in Europe. He’s learning English, and I guess his fans have probably been teaching him some words his tutor might blush at. I think I have a few things I might want to teach him so if you go into the chat and see a sexy cam guy fan there trying to get him to say “fuck me up the ass” in a Boston accent then it’s probably me! 🙂

What? I have a thing for dudes with Boston accents, deal with it.

Lucas is handsome and incredibly fit. Plus, he’s packing an 8-inch uncut cock in his pants and he’s really not shy about showing off. Once again I find myself saying I’m not a size queen, but I think the evidence is suggesting otherwise.

From what I’ve seen of his chats and his videos he really likes to please his fans and put on a great show. I suppose that’s another reason for his popularity on the site. I read through some of the comments and they all seem to really love him. No surprise there. If I looked like this guy I would probably have plenty of fans too.

It looks like he’s on cam every day, too, so you could be spending plenty of time chatting with him and watching him working that dick.

Trust me when I say that Lucas Shade and his hot abs are worth checking out. These sexy cam guy modeling photos should persuade you to click through and check him out anyway.

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