Young man, pass me my Mai Tai! – Intuition from TitanMen at TLA Video

Intuition DVD from TitanMen at TLA Video
Sun and sex are what it's about for the men in Intuition

A friend once asked me what “season” I am. Being a terrible gay I had no idea what they were talking about but it soon transpired that I’m most definitely “a summer” and as such my life should revolve around everything warm and bright. I argued this and proffered the description of “close and clammy” as a more suitable theme for me. It is true, though, I am drawn to the sun, and that’s even obvious in the kinds of porn movies I like to see. With absolutely no shame for this clumsy transition I bring to you Intuition, by TitanMen, available at TLA Video.

Intuition DVD from TitanMen at TLA Video
Sun and sex are what it’s about for the men in Intuition

Full cast list: Jay Roberts, Enzo Rimenez, Casey Daniels, Jessy Ares, Marten Scholz, Scotch Inkom, Danny King

Studio: TitanMen

If watching gorgeous men having great sex in the sun is your thing (and honestly, why wouldn’t it be?) then you’re probably going to want to watch these guys going at it.

Released originally in 2011 and directed by Brian Mills, this three-scene movie has some damn fine looking hunks enjoying each other in some glorious outdoor scenes that will have you reaching for a Mai Tai and seeking a handsome young man to fan you with a palm-tree frond. Yes, that is the right word, I looked it up.

There are a few great guys in this movie but Jessy Ares and Scotch Inkom are two of my faves. I’m not exactly sure why they are, but I have a feeling it might be because they’re both ridiculously handsome and ruggedly hot.

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Do I have a fave scene? Why, yes, I do, and it’s the threesome with Enzo Rimenez, Marten Scholz and Casey Daniels, just because I’m a greedy dude.

Check out some pics from the movie and make sure you go and watch it. If you’re longing for the summer like I am, this should have you contemplating all the opportunities for dick waiting for you 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget to read our review of TLA Video, if you don’t know all about the masses of action you can get there, you need to check that out.

Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts fuck in Intuition DVD
Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts get wild after a dip in the pool
men sucking cocks in Intuition DVD from TitanMen
A feast of cock sucking with Enzo Rimenez, Marten Scholz and Casey Daniels
men fucking outdoors in Intuition dvd
Scotch Inkom gets sweaty in the sun with Danny King

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