You wish you were experiencing this kind of Cabin Fever!

Click to watch Cabin Fever at TLA Gay Unlimited
I wouldn't mind shacking up with these guys for the duration


I’m not saying that this whole pandemic thing might be influencing my choices right now. However, I’m wondering if I clicked on this movie simply because of the title. Yeah, I admit I’m feeling a little of this Cabin Fever right now. Watching this Bijou Classics release helped me forget about everything for a while at least. 🙂

Click to watch Cabin Fever at TLA Gay Unlimited
I wouldn’t mind shacking up with these guys for the duration

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Full cast list: Chris Winters, Cory Monroe, Jim Bentley, Richard Vargas, Sean Laurence, Will Seagers

Studio: Bijou Classics

Did you see that the Dutch government was suggesting that their single citizens team up with a fuck buddy? I thought that was very European of them and I can understand it.  The way my sexual appetite has been lately I would need to be transplanted into the kind of scenario depicted in this movie from way back in the ’80s.

You know I love my classic porn movies. When I realized I hadn’t watched Cabin Fever before I was clicking play on it quicker than you could say, “let’s have a gang bang!”

Some of you might be wondering why I like movies like this? Especially when there’s so much 4K hardcore out there today. To be honest, I like the grainy feel of these classic movies. Retro releases remind me of the first gay porn videos I ever watched while wanking one out with my buddies back in the day. Oh, the thrill of finding a hidden VHS in an older brother’s closet. Come on, you all did the same thing. 😉

This hour-long delivery of cock-slurping, butt-fucking, group-banging action is packed with hunky studs. Each enjoying a “skiing weekend” away at “Uncle Louie’s” place in the mountains. Conversely, there’s not a lot of skiing going on. Why would you when there’s plenty of warm and wet cock to enjoy in the cabin?

I’ve grabbed some screenshots of the action but you really need to click through and see this to appreciate it. If you still somehow don’t know why TLA Gay Unlimited is so awesome and undeniably the best gay porn streaming service on the planet, click here and read the review.


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