Colton Ford stars in his own Epic Hardcore release in 2002’s Colton from All Worlds Video!

Click to watch Colton from All Worlds Video at TLA Gay Unlimited
Singer and porn actor Colton Ford stars in his own movie.


As I think I’ve mentioned probably more than once over the last couple of weeks, a lot of my friends have been sending me tips of things to check out and write about. Honestly, I’m learning a lot about what gets them off and I ain’t complaining about having that insight. Apparently, my good buddy Mike enjoys really rugged and handsome blue-collar type hunks. He’s just turned me on to Colton Ford, from way back in 2002, and I’m loving it.

Click to watch Colton from All Worlds Video at TLA Gay Unlimited
Singer and porn actor Colton Ford stars in his own movie.

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Full cast list: Adam Wolfe, Brad Benton, Chad Williams, Colton Ford, Gavin Braun, Jason Land, Jay Ross, Jim Slade, Rob Romoni, Tino Lopez

Studio: All Worlds Video

I have to say first of all that it’s pretty amazing to me how far we’ve come just since 2002. I’m really not a techie geek kinda guy. However, when I see movies from just 18 years ago like this it proves the industry has advanced along with mainstream films.

Actually, the difference in HD digital and 4K productions made during the last two decades is pretty incredible. Then again, I’m old enough to remember torrent sites. It sometimes took three days to download a file that claimed to be a gay porn video, only turning out to be a virus. You guys in your 20s have no idea. lol

So, if you haven’t figured out who the hunk on the cover of this 1 hour and 45-minute movie is its Colton Ford. He’s a sexy stud of manly goodness who started out in hardcore porn in 2001. Colton made several great movies while winning multiple awards for his work too.

Surprisingly, despite this success, he didn’t make anywhere near the number of releases porn stars today typically appear in. In total, Colton was in twelve hardcore movies before leaving the business and getting into mainstream acting and music. He’s now a pretty successful dance music singer and musician.

Not many guys manage to go from porn into something like that so it’s pretty interesting to see.

And now I’ve realized that I’ve hardly told you anything about this remarkable movie.

The legendary Chi Chi LaRue directs almost two hours of hardcore fun in four powerhouse scenes. Man on man, threesome, orgy fucking, and of course, Colton Ford takes center stage. He’s a handsome, hunky, muscled stud who can really perform. It’s no wonder he won so many awards.

If you like masculine studs with hod bods, hard cocks, and hair in all the right places (who doesn’t?) then you need to check this out.

Enjoy some pics and click through for the full movie at TLA Gay Unlimited. If you don’t know why it’s the best on-demand gay porn streaming service in the world then maybe check out our review of it too.

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