Gorgeous Dante Colle gets an Insane Edging from Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando!

watch Dante Colle getting his cum stolen at Naked Sword
Handsome Dante Colle gets an insane cock edging

MY RATING: 10/10

I’m gonna say it again, I’m not that into kinky stuff. That might seem like a lie considering I really enjoyed watching these scenes from the KinkMen studio, but when you check out the man getting such an insane cock edging experience from a couple of experienced guys you’ll understand.

watch Dante Colle getting his cum stolen at Naked Sword
Handsome Dante Colle gets an insane cock edging

Full cast list: Dante Colle, Sebastian Keys, Tony Orlando

Studio: KinkMen

I’m talking about Dante Colle, of course. We’ve seen this “sexually fluid” performer (his description, not ours) in a couple of movies on the blog already. While he didn’t necessarily stand out for me in those videos, he’s a hunk I want to watch more of after seeing him in this release.

There’s a lot to love about him, not least that big throbbing shaft of fuck meat between his legs. I honestly think he’s a damn handsome guy. After wondering for a while who he reminded me of I realized it was Jake Gyllenhaal. You might not agree. Nevertheless, there’s something about that handsome face that just reminds me of that damn fine actor when he was younger.

Anyway, he’s not alone in this release, obviously. Lucky guys Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando are getting the opportunity to own Dante. And own him they do in this insanely hot forty-nine minute two-scene session of incessant cock sucking, stroking, nipple play and restraint.

As you can see from the cover above, Sebastien and Tony really go to town on this guy. Working Dante’s meat over and doing everything they can think of to get him just on the edge of exploding before leaving him alone.

I can tell you, having had the pleasure of edging a few guys in my time. I know how intense and erotic it can be. Albeit, I’ve not done to the lengths these guys go to in these kinky videos. But when you have full control of another man’s cock and you can work him up to the limit over and over before finally letting him cum, it’s one of the most memorable things you could do with another man. 🙂

I don’t have more pics from this one to share with you, but you need to click through and at least watch the trailer. If you don’t know what NakedSword offers then you’re in for a surprise. “The Netflix of Gay Porn” is one of the best porn streaming options out there. It’s all for us guys. There’s a lot more kink like this to watch there too, so if this is your kinda thing click here and read our NakedSword review to get the lowdown.


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